Saturday, February 03, 2007

letting it soak in


Needless to say, we were pretty shocked with yesterday's number. Blown away really. I haven't had much to say to anyone since then, because I've just been trying to absorb it and figure out what this feels like.

We woke up yesterday morning and J* remembered that it was groundhog day. I thought "oh no, that means we have to keep living it over and over again" - I thought it was a bad sign. I actually started crying. But he said "no, it means today is the day we get it right, and we don't have to live this over again". I guess he was right.

On the way to the clinic, he kept having to tell me to breathe, and to blink. I was totally nervous. It's like I thought I needed to hold my breath until it was over. I asked him if I was more freaked out than I've been before previous betas - he said "way, way more".

Our usually less than reliable nurse coordinator called at least 2 hours earlier than we were even expecting to hear from her. The blood draw was at 8:30. She called with the news at about 10:30. That's record time.

After the news - we hugged each other a lot, got tears in our eyes. He picked me up and swung me around several times. He just keeps smiling and hugging me.

For a few hours after the call, I just didn't know what to do with myself. I was shaking. and speechless. I called C and gave her the news - she cried. Then I called my mom and gave her the news. And she cried. And then she said "well, I guess now I can tell you that you and your sister can be pregnant at the same time". Yes that's right, my other sister is pregnant! She lives in Switzerland, so we won't get to see each other much. Apparently she's almost 8 weeks, she's due September 17th. So just a few weeks ahead of me. Pretty cool. Sounds like she's been really sick.

J informed me this morning that we have a new house rule (actually just a rule for me). "No Worrying". That's the rule. He says I'm not allowed to worry about anything. He said the worrying will just go right to the ute, so it's not allowed.

So how do I feel emotionally/mentally? Happy of course. And really still just shocked. I guess after so many of the phone calls telling me I'm not pregnant (or the one with the questionable low number), I just never really imagined what it would be like to get that call with a good number. I'll probably have more to say later in the week when it has soaked in more.

And such a high number? Can you believe it? I actually had to ask her to repeat it, because I wasn't sure I heard her quite right. I combed some of the beta boards, but I haven't come across anybody with a 15 dpo beta that's so high. I'm guessing that it most likely means there's more than one in there. But if didn't even finding any postings with twin pregnancies with a number that high. The betabase does have some reported in this range, so I guess it's not totally out of line. But it is shockingly high. I hope that's a good thing.

Ok. rambling.

Second beta is scheduled for Monday.

* I'm tired of calling him Mr G, it doesn't realy fit. So I will just refer to him as J, which is his first initial.


My Reality said...

I think J's rule is great. I don't know how you will really be able to follow it, but you can at least make an effort to try.

I can't wait to see what Monday's beta is!

Stephanie said...

I am so completely happy for you. Tearing up and everything!

The Town Criers said...

I am so so so excited for you guys! And that's right--no worrying :-) I hope Monday's beta is a roaring success. And that you're having twins :-) How much would that rock?

Marie-Baguette said...

This is great ! Congratulations! While I am not a specialist, your number seems pretty high. Maybe one of the embryos split, these things do happen. I really hope the best for your second beta. Bonne chance with everything.

Susan said...

Oh, wow! Congratulations. I'm so happy for you.

Kris said...

J has imposed a great rule- though a toughie!

I'm so happy for your great number-- I'm hoping for one of those myself... not one of those stupid fake out numbers.

Anonymous said...

I can see that you're bouncing off the walls. It's great that you're so excitied! Congrats!

Sparkle said...

Wow congratulations, definitely sounds like the two have stuck around!

Hmmm, betting that house rule will be broken within the week - just a hunch.

Thalia said...

I think J's rule will be utterly impossible to follow, but good to keep in mind - good luck!

Keeping things crossed for Monday.

DEMummie said...

I also with J's rule. You go girl!! I am so excited for you.

As an aside, my betas with twins were 205 (11dp2dt) and 557 (13dp2dt). Hope you have 2 on board as well. Twins are awesome!

Hang in there, and good luck.


Kristy said...

Congratulations! I agree with J that you just can't worry. Try to enjoy the pregnancy!