Thursday, February 15, 2007

no I didn't call her

I know, I'm a terrible, terrible granddaughter. But I just hate it when my mother pulls crap like that on me. Trying to guilt me into stuff. She's always telling me stuff like that - and it just makes me want to do the opposite. I'll call her this weekend. On my own terms - not when I've been told to.

Nothing new today. Still just feel pukey all the time. It seems to mostly be any kind of meat that really turns me off. Which is very unusual for me. Last night I ordered a salad that had grilled chicken on top, and I couldn't eat the chicken. Just the thought of any meat sounds very gross. And it seems that I can only eat something once. Because about 1/2 hr after I eat, I feel like I'm going to puke. And so that pukey feeling is then associated with whatever I last ate. So then that item doesn't sound good any more. I'm going to run out of things to eat soon.

And OH MY GOD - the gas eminating from my body is of alien proportions. I can not figure out how that much gas could be coming out of one person. It's shocking. Where is it coming from?


ellie said...

Hey! Ok, I got my betas and they were 16 and 76. I have no idea what that means-- took 3 emails to get them!

Beagle said...
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Beagle said...
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Beagle said...

OK, that was me . . . I promise never to comment, before I am fully awake, again!!

Trying again:

"Where is it coming from?"

Ummmm . . . I'll just assume that one is rhetorical!

Maybe you're carrying a boy. You know that they have a talent when it comes to ummm . . . . gas.


Nickie said...

my nickname for this baby is "the bean" for a reason, my gas was so nasty it not only forced humans out of the room, but my dog ran away too and it would make me gag and run for the bathroom.

keep the bowels moving and it helps. colace is your friend.