Tuesday, May 22, 2007

another cool milestone - 19 weeks 5 days

J got to feel his first baby movement last night!

I was laying in bed, and he had laid his head on my belly and was talking to the babies. Baby B gave me a good kick and J felt it on his cheek.

very exciting!


Jaimie said...

That is so sweet! Mike sat with his head up to my belly last night and explained to his son how things are going to be. He deserved a good kick for that but didn't get anything. Of course I was laughing so hard Tiger was kind of being tossed around in there!

Sarah said...

so cool!

Hopeful Mother said...

We got to feel our first kick "together" last night too! Except ours was Baby A, and it was my hubbie's hand on my tummy instead of his cheek.

It is SO exciting now that I am feeling them more often... a constant reminder of these miracles inside! I imagine you are feeling the same.

I'm so glad that things are going well for you!

Nickie said...

Yay for J!!! What a cool feeling. I wish my hubby wasn't so weirded out by it. He's just seen Aliens too many times. LOL