Thursday, June 07, 2007

expanding fast! @ 22 weeks

Here we are at 22 weeks.  It seems like it's going by fast.  Our multiples birthing class starts in just over 3 weeks.  And next week we have another detailed ultrasound, which I'm very much looking forward to.
We are making progress on our house projects - electrician's coming tomorrow, cabinets probably installed next week, some other a/v wiring work happening at the end of June, lights ordered, blinds ordered, etc.  Little by little, we're getting there.  And I have a name of maid that a friend of mine uses, I'll try to give her a call later and see if I can get her to come clean my house.
I think I'm having a big growth spurt this week.  I feel like I'm getting bigger every day, and I'm feeling lots of stretching this week. 
And gosh - I'm getting kicked like crazy.  Every day I feel them stronger and stronger.  Lots of bumps and thumps.  And I can see some of them on the outside of my belly now - if I just sit and stare at my belly while I'm feeling the kicks, I do occasionally see a bulge on my tummy.  It's very cool.  The weirdest are the kicks I feel on the inside though - when I feel a thump against my intestines or my bladder - that's a very strange feeling.
I'm feeling contractions daily now - but really only one or two a day.  It's usually in the evening that I will feel one.  It starts down low - I will all of a sudden feel very strong pressure on my bladder - like I have to pee really bad. And then I notice my belly get really hard and tight, and I feel like I can't get a full breath.  But it only lasts for less than a minute.  And generally only once a day, occasionally twice.
Otherwise - it's pretty uneventful these days.  I'm feeling good.  I'm very tired at night - I never have any trouble falling asleep.  I'm into the stage of sleeping with many pillows, and I'm sleeping pretty comfortably.  It's a total of 5 pillows currently - two under my head, on between my legs, and one on either side of me - one that I sort of lean on and rest my top arm on, and the other against my back that somewhat keeps me from rolling over and trying to sleep on my back.  It looks strange, and J laughs at it, but it's all really quite comfortable.
Working on some new belly pics.  Stay tuned.
And an update on my two BBC friends...
They both had their betas today.  K's was 246 and C's was 242!  It's just the most wonderful story ever, and I'm so thrilled for them. I'm really hoping for twins for both of them!

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