Thursday, July 12, 2007

appointment update - 27 weeks

Well… I am on for my trip to San Diego!!

Our appointments yesterday went very well. My cervix is very good – still over 4cm – so that’s the most important thing, that it basically hasn’t changed at all. The fluid levels are great, placenta’s look good, etc. The babies look great – A is about 2lb 7 oz and B is 2lb 9 oz. They are getting big! A is in the 55th percentile – so average size for a singleton. And B is in the 70th percentile – so bigger than an average singleton for this gestational age! And wouldn’t you know it – B has flipped over and is now vertex. But A - the one that matters – is still being a stinker and sitting breech. It was pretty cute at the ultrasound though – baby B has her head resting on A’s tummy, and her foot was right on A’s head! And they were busy – the u/s tech kept getting kicked while she was trying to do the exam.

The doc was very pleased with my progress. My blood pressure is still good, weight gain is right on track (I think it's at about 24 lbs now). I told him we had gotten a tour of the NICU and that I never wanted to see the place again – and he said that if I keep up what I’ve been doing – with the babies growing like they are and my cervix holding like it is – then I won’t have to go there. I sure hope he’s right. He just had two twin births this week – one at 39 weeks and they had to induce her! Her babies were both over 7lbs! Jeez – I don’t think I want mine to get that big – that sounds very uncomfortable! He will induce me by 38 weeks, but he said that we’ll be in good shape if we make it to 36. I think 36 sounds like a nice number – but yikes, that’s only 9 weeks away!

I did the 1hr glucose tolerance test yesterday - the one where you drink a bottle of sweet stuff and they take your blood one hour later. The blood will be tested to see how my body tolerates processing the sugar - to check for gestational diabetes. They will also check for anemia at this time - to see if I need to be starting an iron supplement.

J was just grinning like a cat the rest of the day – he kept saying how he’s so pleased with how good I’m doing. I said “well it turns out I’m just not good at getting pregnant – but I guess I am good at being pregnant”.

Next week, when I'm back from my weekend in SD, we will start working on trying to talk Baby A into turning.

What else?

Still feeling good. The contractions are actually becoming more of a mystery. I have a few a day that are very obvious. But now I'm also getting a lot of just hardening & tightening of the belly - that I think is different from the actual contractions. It generally happens when I move - if I change positions or get up fast - the whole thing tightens up. But, the doc says that as long as they're not doing anything to my cervix, then it's just fine.

It's been hot here. Yesterday was well into the 90's - I know that's not too hot by some standards, but it is for here. I generally deal pretty well with the heat. The real problem is that our house doesn't ventilate very well, so even after it gets dark and has cooled off outside, it stays hot in our house. But I bought a portable air conditioner for the bedroom, so we've slept with that on the last two nights, and it has really helped. I definitely notice that pregnancy makes my body temp run higher - I'm just warmer all the time than I used to be. And I'm always warmer than J - which is opposite of how we usually are.

I notice that I'm a lot more irritable lately. Or just that my patience is shorter - I get annoyed very easily. I don't think I've been moody or bitchy - but my tolerance for annoying things/people is a lot lower.

I am starting to have just a bit of swelling. It's not noticeable to look at, or even anything that I feel - except when I put on something that doesn't fit. I've had to give up on my wedding rings. They weren't impossible to wear, but definitely getting uncomfortable. I have a pretty gold band with a small diamond in it, that my grandmother had given me a few years ago. It was always too big, but fits just lovely now. So I'm wearing that for now. And just the last few days I've noticed that a few pairs of shoes are a little uncomfortable - just feeling a bit tight. I wore a pair to shoes to dinner last night that I hadn't worn in a while - and by the end of the night they were not comfortable. Although all this could be largely related to the heat too.

And speaking of dinner last night. We went here for dinner. It is truly sublime. We've been there a few times before, but it's been a while. We took J's oldest son in celebration of his 21st birthday - so he could have a true food and wine pairing experience. This restaurant is amazing. The best I have ever been to. I'm not kidding. Zagat rated higher than any restaurant in Manhattan. Really. And I'm sure that if Michelin rated restaurants in Seattle, this place would have at least a couple of stars. We had the 8 course chef's tasting menu. I of course did not get to enjoy the sashimi-style hamachi, instead mine was seared - but it was still lovely.



Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great weekend in SD.

Your dinner sounds amazing. I am glad you are doing a good job of being pregnant!

Foreverhopeful said...

Sounds like your babies are doing so great. I always love reading your updates. And good job on doing a great job of being pregnant. Mmmmmmmmm the restaurant sounds amazing. I'll definitely have to try it the next time Dh and I are down in Seattle.. :) Have a great weekend in SD.. :) :)

GLouise said...

Glad that you were able to get travel clearance! Have a great time.

Heather said...

Have a great time in SD. The restaurant you went to sounds lovely. I'm so jealous! The babies sound like they are doing great. Keep up the good work!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Hope you have a fabulous trip!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to convince my hubby that Seattle would be a fun visit; that restaurant sounds delicious!

And it's great that you've got the go-ahead to go to SD! Hopefully there's lots of AC there; it's hot enough here north of the 49th (also creeping into the 90sF).

Sarah said...

have a great trip!

seattlegal said...

That is so great that things are going well with the pregnancy! Hope SD was fun!

Beagle said...

So glad you're doing SO well! Have fun on your trip!