Monday, August 20, 2007

maybe a birth date?? 32 weeks 4 days.

A few random updates:

We got the car seats! We attended our car seat class sunday morning - excellent class, highly recommended! We learned a lot of info about what features to look for, what's important and what's not, why getting an infant seat is safer for an infant vs. going straight to a convertable seat, etc. And a good education about proper installation - there are lots of ways to do it wrong. And we got all our questions answered. And we were so glad that we had waited for the class before buying them - there was at least one couple in the class who had already bought theirs, and it was missing several key features that the instructor recommended - so they were going to have to try to return it.

After that we went and looked at a few in person - and made our decision. We ended up going with the more expensive one - this one (in Toffee color). We debated the merits - and decided that this one just seemed a lot nicer, it seems more sturdy, better quality construction, easier to install properly. Not something you can really discern when looking at them online, but in person the quality is noticeably better. Also we like that this one had extra padding on the sides for side-impact-protection (which is good since at least one will one be the side of the car, vs. the middle), and it has more adjustment points for the shoulder strap height. Also we felt that the base of these will fit better in our cars - it's a narrower base, so we should be able to have one in the middle, vs. with the other one we would have to have them both on the sides (which isn't as safe). And in the end - we felt the extra money wasn't that big of a deal, if it gave us extra peace of mind. And I had lots of discounts at Babies.R.Us - so I saved $100!

And it's a good thing we did that, because....

I think we have a birth day! yikes!

OB appointment this morning -we all agreed that we might as well go ahead and pick a c-section date. Baby A doesn't seem at all interested in turning, and since Baby B is bigger anyway, the chances are good that we'd end up with a cesarean even if A did turn. So, we agreed to start looking at calendars and get it scheduled. The doc says he likes to schedule twins around 37 weeks. So that would be September 20th! One month from today. Wow! That's a week earlier than I had been thinking. It makes it all seem so real! The hospital doesn't actually let you schedule until 2 weeks ahead, so he said to be thinking about the date we want, and when it gets within 2 weeks he'll get us booked. But it looks like we'll be having these babies around September 20th, +/- a few days.

I have to decide whether it's important to me that these babies are Libras (like me!) - if so, then we'd try for Sept 24th. But really it's not that big of a deal - I wouldn't plan their birth date around that.

So I guess maybe we should figure out some names then, eh? gotta work on that....

Ooh also .... did I mention a few weeks back that I was making a quilt for my sister's baby? You may recall that my older sister is pregnant too (the easy way) and she is due Sept 17th. She's having a girl. She made me two beautiful hand knit little stroller/lap blankets for the twins, so I wanted to give her something hand made with love too - rather than just buying her something.

So I made her this....

It's all made from flannel receiving blankets - so it's super soft and snuggly. I really am quite pleased with myself. :-)


Foreverhopeful said...

Oh my gosh how exciting. Only a month away. You're going to have your babies before you know it.

seattlegal said...

The quilt is beautiful - I love it!

The multiple discount was probably one of your discounts at Babies 'R Us, but just in case, you can get a discount when buying two of certain things, like car seats.

That's exciting to have a date!

A said...

Adorable blanket! It certainly looks very soft and snuggly...and yay for a potential birth date! I can't believe it's sooooo soon.

Glad you are not suffering the many potential discomforts of the 3rd tri. I'm pretty much there with you although I'm not sleeping as comfortably as I'd like. But really, no complaints here given how bad some folks have it.

Yay for the car seats and car seat class too! (Thought I'd respond to multiple posts in one comment :)

Karen said...

I'm not quite sure how I missed this post! But hooray for having a maybe-date. Looks like we might have our babies around the same time! (if I get to my 34-week goal with the triplets, I'll have mine on September 26th)

And that's a beautiful quilt! :)

Also, we got the same car seats. Which is to say, my father got them for us, because he called me and said "what do you need?" and I broke down in tears and said, "I cannot afford three car seats!!" because he happened to call just as I was contemplating how much everything was going to cost. Heh.