Monday, August 20, 2007

so how am I feeling?

Ok - so third post in one day. Perhaps I'm feeling the pressure of time running out. Lots on my mind.....

Here's the interesting thing - at 32.5 weeks pregnant with twins - I still feel pretty darn good.

In the evening, I am often pretty wiped out. And I do get a lot of contractions in the evening, and the last few days I've started to get that pelvic pain - feels like my pelvic bone is splitting in half. But a night of laying in bed cures all - and when I wake up in the morning I feel pretty good.

Among the common third trimester pregnancy complaints, here's how I stack up:

  • hemroids (sp?): nope
  • acid reflux: not really. occasionally a little, but nothing a few tums doesn't cure.
  • trouble breathing: only when I walk up and down the stairs too many times. or when baby A really gets the dance party going and head butts my lungs.
  • trouble sleeping: nope. I sleep great. Sleeping has always been my favorite pastime, and that hasn't changed.
  • contractions: yes, but they don't hurt. they just make me feel temporarily short of breath, and feel like I have to pee.
  • back pain: nope.
  • constipation: nope. I go 3 -4 times a day.
  • frequent urination: nope. probably means I'm not drinking enough water.
  • pelvic pressure/pain: yes, but mostly only in the evening after I've been upright all day.
  • swelling: nope
  • nausea: nope

My biggest 'complaint' I guess is the discomfort I feel when Baby A really gets to partying. Practicing standing and walking I think. I feel the sharp zingers on my cervix and bladder, and at the same time I get this head bulging out of the top of my belly - like the baby is doing a really big stretch. Lately, this baby undertakes this activity over, and over, and over again through the evening. It's particularly pleasurable while I'm trying to eat dinner. I think the baby is more squished when I'm sitting up trying to eat - so the feeling is more pronounced. I feel much better when I can lay down and stretch out the belly, to give the kid some more room to stretch. This is a very squirmy baby. This is what wears me out by the end of the day - I just feel like my guts have been pummeled, and I need to lay down to get a break from it.

But - on the other hand - I do love feeling these babies move.

In the evening, when I'm tired from being up all day, the belly feels a little uncomfortable - just stretched and tired. And that pelvic pain can make it painful to try to roll over in bed for the first couple hours. But as I already said - sleeping all night seems to cure it all, and I wake up feeling good.


Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, I hope the rest of your pregnancy continues like this!!

Beagle said...

You deserve an "easy" pregnancy considering what it took to get there. I'm so glad you've been spared many of the usual complaints!

Stephanie said...

I sure hope my pregnancy goes like yours has. I am scared to death of hemroids!!

Hopeful Mother said...

Carol, I'm pretty much the same as you - no major complaints., considering that we're in the 3rd trimester with TWINS! How blessed are we?

I saw your comment about the FMLA question - and I believe this is a federal law that dictates what is defined as a "calendar year" and what are "qualifying reasons" for taking leave. Your employer may do things differently, but it is worth checking to find out if you qualify to take 12 weeks in 2008 as well.

(My "supplemental" FMLA in 2007 is a CA thing, I think, so may not apply to you.)

Hopeful Mother said...

More info on FMLA:

It looks like it is up to your employer on how they want to define a "year."