Saturday, September 29, 2007

quick update

Email sent by J to friends and family:

Hi all – just a quick note to let everyone know how we're doing with the new twins.  We've had an interesting week with Daniel having some breathing challenges that have kept him from sleeping well and have caused him to lose weight due to the extra breathing effort.  During a checkup today, our doctor had us check him back into the hospital for observation and tests.  All the tests have checked out so far and his congested nasal airways were cleaned out, allowing him to sleep a LOT better.  The goal now is to get his weight back up, and he is to stay in the hospital until he's accomplished that. 

Of course Carol needs to be with him for feeding, and Callie needs to be with Carol for the same reason, so we're all camped out in a room in the pediatric wing at the hospital for the duration.  Callie's doing great, eating and sleeping like a champ.  Carol is doing great as well, even with all the drama and lack of sleep.

We'll follow up with photos & more info once we get everyone back home and back into a routine.  In the meantime communication will be slow, so please bear with us.  Thanks so much for all the kind words and best wishes.  We'll keep you posted on progress.

J & C


Anonymous said...

I hope you are all home soon!

I hope Daniel continues to improve and packs on some weight.

Jaimie said...

That sounds too familiar. I hope you are all doing well and home ASAP. Good luck with the weight gain. I know it can be frustrating!!!

Bea said...

Best of luck! Hope you get D over this hiccup and back home soon.


Heather said...

Hope you're all home soon too! Hang in there!

Sarah said...

thanks so much for updating, best wishes to all for moving through this quickly!