Wednesday, November 28, 2007

about their names

People keep asking us about their names. So I will tell you.

They are family names. We thought it would be nice to have family names. I've always thought it was really special to be named after someone. My middle name is my mother's name - Carol (yes, that's right - I use my middle name for this blog). And Jim is named for his grandfather. I wanted my children to have that feeling too, to have a name that came from someplace.

We had a lot of great names to choose from. We have a lot of nice names in our families. We had narrowed down to a very short list before their were born, two combinations of boy names and two combinations of girl names (since you'll recall that we didn't know what we were having). We loved all four names. But we had to choose just two in the end, and these are the two names that felt right for these two babies. So I guess we'll save the other two names for the next two babies (I love the look on Jim's face when I say that...)

So here is where these family names come from:

Daniel was my grandfather - my mother's father. Daniel is also my uncle Monty, his first name is actually Daniel, named for his father. My uncle was undergoing a stem cell treatment for very serious and rare leukemia while I was pregnant with these two. And my sister's middle name is Danielle, named for our grandfather.

James of course is Jim's name. But Jim is named for his paternal Grandfather.

Callie comes from my mother's side too. My grandmother is Edna Callie, and her mother was Callie Ann. And my special little sister is Callie. It's a special name that I've always loved, and now has even more meaning to me.

And Ellen is Jim's mother's middle name.

So there you have it. Too bad we couldn't use all the names we liked. Guess we'll just have to have a few more babies....


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Anonymous said...

I like that the names have meaning and history too.

Our girl's names are after my grandmother and a dear friend in Botswana. Our son's names are a classic one from our shared heritage and a symbol of our history.