Friday, January 18, 2008

One Year.

One year ago today.

Eggs were retrieved.
Sperm was given.
Eggs were injected with sperm.
And two little lives began.
The two most beautiful and precious lives I have ever known.
They have made my life complete, and changed it in ways I never thought possible.
I am hopelessly, madly, in love with them.

It has been the best year of my life.

Daniel and Callie are one year old today. It's so amazing to think that just a year ago they were two little fertilized eggs. Conception and life is a miraculous thing - what those two little cells have become.

One year ago today I was given the most precious gift in the world. It is a debt I can never repay. I can't express to my sister what her gift means to me. I can only tell her that some day when she has her own babies, she will understand the love I feel for my two precious gifts. And then maybe she will understand the magnitude of the gift she gave me.

I asked my mother to buy her an ice cream cake. (see this post for the explanation)


Anonymous said...

I hope she enjoys her ice cream cake.

She will one day understand the magnitude of her gift. And you will be buying a lot of ice cream cakes to thank her.

The Dunn Family said...

It's such a wonderful and beautiful thing that your sister has done for you. And you are right, she will probably realize it one day when she has her own children. It's amazing how wonderful our siblings can be. I am super close to my sister, and I think it's a bond that can't even be explained sometimes.

I am so happy for you and the two wonderful children you have. And it is AMAZING what a difference a year can make. 8-)

Bumble said...

Yay, happy 1 year old Daniel & Callie! You always talk so beautifully about your gorgeous little bubs, I'm so happy for you!!! What a wonderful gift your sister has blessed you with.

Bea said...

What a year. What a gift.


Rachel Inbar said...

Unbelievable :-)

My twins (IVF-FET) were born exactly a year from the day they were made, so I also celebrated the one year anniversary (just a little differently).

Ice cream cake sounds good.

Heather said...

Congratulations! Your sister has given you an amazing gift.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, one year already! I remember when you were doing the cycle.

Donor's give us such wonderful gifts-I don't think there are enough ways to thank them. Hope she enjoys her ice cream cake!

singletracey said...

Hope you found an Ice Cream Cake! I cant imagine looking back a year after conception.. I hope I get there..

Aren't sisters like angels... :-)

Helen said...

I'm beginning to hit those anniversary dates, too. Isn't it amazing? Unbelievable. I'm so happy for you.