Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Firsts and Lasts

Every day is full of excitement and joy at new first experiences.  But there is also a little sadness over the last time we do something.


Yesterday Daniel figured out how to click his tongue. Christina said he did it a few times during the day.  And we heard it this morning as he was laying in bed with us.  So cute.


Callie yesterday started spitting, Danny has been doing that one for a while.  Callie is also very close to sitting up.  Yesterday when we got home she was sitting with the boppy around her – so not quite on her own, but very, very close.


And last night they both slept with both arms outside their swaddling.  I wrapped the swaddle tight around their bodies so they still feel that tightness, but left their arms out.  They did pretty good – it took them longer to get to sleep with their arms free, especially Callie – she thought it was an excuse to wiggle and flap.  But once asleep they did great – Callie slept about 11.5 hours.  Danny woke up a few times, but went back to sleep easily each time.  So this means we have seen the last of our sweet swaddled babies.  I know they’re getting a little big for it, but there’s just something so sweet about how they look when they are swaddled up tight, so innocent and snuggly.  I might fully swaddle them both one last time, so that I can get a nice picture.


Sarah said...

hmm, good to know. i've been trying to figure out how to drop the swaddle. i thought piper was getting too big too but she just doesn't fall asleep (or stay asleep) as well without it. good to know you did it for a month longer. i guess they give it up when they're ready.

cat said...

I moved my boys from swaddling to sleeping bags - now the arms are free to move but the body still feels covered and "swaddled". Seems to work very well. I am sure you get the bags in the US as well.