Wednesday, May 14, 2008

more baby food making

the latest in our baby food adventures for your enjoyment...

Cooking apples. I leave the skins on - they're organic, and the skins have lots of nutrients. The other pot is mango, in the process of pureeing.

This one is blueberries. And mango cooling in the background.

Soaking dried prunes and dried apricots in hot water.

A few of the finished product - apples (they're pink because the skins are blended in), mango and blueberries. So yummy!

Blueberry and Mango mixed together is a really delicious combo. I think this would be great over ice cream. Or on pancakes!

And here are the apricots and prunes after being pureed.


cat said...

You need not cook mangos - can mush just as it is. May save a bit of time.

Thalia said...

if the twins are like pob, they might enjoy feeding themselves mango - I give her a long slice with the skin on and she gums away at it and then spits out the skin at the end. Makes a lovely mess!

Helen said...

Oh god, I can't imagine the blueberries. My babies still posset a lot, the staining, dear God, the STAINING!

Michele said...

Carol, Thanks again for sharing, I've been wanting to try making my own baby food for awhile and your instructions are the easiest I've found. If I can ask a really stupid question, how do you do the mangos and blueberry...cook with water and then puree? Do you leave the skins on the blueberries? Everything looks really yummy,no wonder your babies are so healthy! Thanks, Michele