Monday, May 05, 2008

a new (failed) baby food experiment

I tried a new experiment with food.  We had brown rice with our dinner Saturday night, so I tried pureeing some of that up in the food processor with some milk (EBM) and pears.  This is the eventual goal – that we will transition them to eating what we eat, by pureeing what we have for dinner, and then gradually giving it to them in more solid form. 


And… it was a resounding failure!  They hated it!  I think the texture was just too different and they really weren’t ready for it.  Danny had some bites, but made faces with every one.  He was very patient, but obviously didn’t like it.  Callie would have no part of it.  She closed her lips tightly and turned her head.  What little I did get in her mouth just came right out. 


I think next time I would cook the rice much softer, it still had a lot of texture even after pureeing with the milk. And probably it was just a little too soon for this.  They weren’t ready for the new texture yet.  But I guess we don’t progress if we don’t slowly try to introduce new things.  So we’ll keep at it. 


I also tried some zucchini (because we were also having that for dinner). I just steamed and blended it up.  And they didn’t care for that much either.  Honestly it didn’t taste very good, so I can’t really blame them.  Plain zucchini doesn’t have much flavor, at least these didn’t.  It really benefits from some nice olive oil, salt and pepper.  So we might not try this one again for a while, maybe when I feel like they’re ready for a little seasoning.  I think they could have it  grilled, and I think they are ok to have olive oil now.  So maybe next time I grill some they can try that.  It would taste much better than plain and steamed. 


On a more positive note – watermelon is rapidly becoming a favorite.  I’m not even bothering with the mesh feeders any more – watermelon is so soft that it pretty much just disintegrates in their mouths.  I cut a chunk that’s big enough for them to easily hold, and they chomp away at it.  I don’t think they swallow much, but they love the taste of it.  I think it’s a great idea for a first finger food. 



Helen said...

I tried rice with ours, too - what a disaster. They hated it also. I have found that sweeter veggies mixed with zucchini are popular - carrot and zucchini is a big one here, as is anything with parsnip.

Cat said...

Leave the rice and try again after a year. You can certainly try olive oil - it also helps when baby gets a bit constipated and is great omega oils for baby. Am soooo jealous of your milk supply - mine seems to be drying up. Any advice?