Monday, June 16, 2008

another baby update - but there's so much to tell

People ask me what is my favorite thing about having twins. And I will always tell them that it is watching two unique individuals develop side by side. I used to be a big believer in nurture over nature - I thought that more of who you are came from how you were raised. Now I no longer think that. Now I know that you are a unique, special and opinionated individual from the moment you are conceived. These two babies are so unique and different. And it is so fun to see how they are just expressive and opinionated little people at such a young age. I had no idea, it is such a wonderful surprise.

So here we are, at 8 months, 3 weeks and 5 days on the outside...

Callie E:
Favorite sleeping position:
On her tummy. This is new in the past week. She now flips over almost instantly when you lay her down.
Favorite foods: Cookies, crackers, breads, cheerios, yogurt, sweet vegetables, watermelon. hmm, seems to be a trend of sweet things. Note to self: more vegetables. Anything someone else is eating.
Least favorite foods: Pureed green beans. No sir. Not interested. Can't blame her, I tasted it and it was pretty gross. We won't be pureeing green beans any more - they like the whole ones better.
New foods we've tried recently: cheese! that's pretty good. Pasta. Blueberries.
Favorite beverages: water, mommy's milk. She's recently discovered carrot juice and she likes that a lot. She drinks from a sippy cup really well.
Favorite new tricks: Getting up on her hands and knees.
Favorite toys: a red clapper thing - like a rattle sort of; a light up musical star; she has this musical fishbowl with blocks that drop in and make the bowl make sounds; any toy that her brother is holding; and anything that's not actually a toy - jewelry, watches, beads, keys, phones, remotes
Favorite color: Red.
Favorite game: being tickled.
Favorite person: her daddy.
Favorite precious metals: Gold, silver, pewter. As long as it's shiny, she's not picky.
Favorite precious stones: diamonds, pearls. the more expensive the better. I fear she may grow up to be a jewelry thief - what with her like for bling and her habit of stealing.
Favorite sounds: She likes to growl.
Favorite thing to do: have her clothes off and roll around on the floor
Favorite creature to stare at: the cat
Favorite hand: left, we think.
Other things she likes to do for fun: spit, catch bubbles, look at the sky and watch airplanes, touch faces (especially her brother's while he's trying to nurse).

What she is working on now: Crawling: so far just managing to push herself backwards. Finger foods: learning how to pick up small things and manage to get them in the mouth. Strategizing how to get a hold of the cat. Thinking about knocking off a jewelry store sometime soon.
Mom's favorite thing about her: Holding her when she's sleeping - these are the moments when I am reminded what a precious gift from heaven she is, I truly feel like I am holding an angel sent to earth to change my life. And I love the way she touches my face, she looks at me and studies my features, and gently touches my nose and mouth and cheeks and ears. Her dainty little fingers feel so wonderful on my face.

Daniel J:

Favorite sleeping position: On his back. Arms out to the side or over his head, blankie or stuff animal over his face. He's the easiest baby ever to put to bed. He will lay there and talk and pound for a long time, but hardly ever cries.
Favorite foods: Pizza crust, breads, watermelon. He likes to eat all his baby food - cereal, pureed fruits and veggies. He'll yell at you if you go to slow with the bites.

Least favorite foods: anything that requires too much effort on his part. He's mostly happen to open his mouth and let you shove stuff in.
New foods we've tried recently: toast
Favorite beverages: mommy's milk. Prune juice.

Favorite new tricks: 'swimming' in the floor - he lays on his belly and flaps his arms and legs. Pinching. Clapping his feet (and hands sometimes too), waving, sitting up - he has perfect straight posture, makes the rest of us look like total slouches.
Favorite toys: blue elephant, blue shaking toy that's full of bells, colored teething rings, big stuffed inchworm, feet
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite game: peekaboo
Favorite person: momma!
Favorite sounds: yelling
Favorite thing to do: jumping! Crib pounding, taking baths, lounge around
Favorite creature to stare at: Callie.
Favorite hand: right. Except he always uses his left hand to 'hold himself', if you know what I mean ;-)
Other things he likes to do for fun: spit, catch bubbles, watch cars go by

What he is working on now: rolling over (when he feels like trying). Tolerating strangers.
Mom's favorite thing about him: His smile. He melts my heart when he looks in my eyes and smiles. He has such an expressive and sweet little face. And his laugh, it's the best sound I've ever heard in my whole life. I love knowing how much he loves me.

Next up: Swimming Lessons!

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