Thursday, August 28, 2008

birthday ideas and other ramblings and rantings

Can you believe that we have a one year birthday coming up in just a little over 3 weeks? It's crazy. I feel like I've been in a time machine.

So - give me your best baby birthday ideas! I'm not big on birthday party throwing. My inclination is to just invite a few family over and let everybody watch the babies go to town on some cake. But I'm open for more creative suggestions if you have them.


Did I mention before that I've become very selective with the information I share with my mother?

She knows nothing about Daniel's PT eval, and nothing about his CS appointments (even though this one was actually her idea - she thinks I ignored her suggestion). I've just told her that he seems to be doing so much better that we think he's over his hump, just took him a while to mature.

And she definitely knows nothing about Callie's little fall the other day.

My reasons are thus:
1) She worries like crazy. She loses sleep. She gets choked up on the phone. The crazy part of all that is that she will tell anybody who listens that she is a very mellow person and that she "does not let stress into her life". But in reality she is one of the most stressed people I know - she worries and frets about everything.

2) she drives me nuts with all the questioning. She wants minute by minute updates whenever she knows something is going down. She will call 10 times a day for updates. If she knows there is a doctor appointment at a certain time, she will be calling before the hour is even up. And if she doesn't hear from us, she gets very worried. And she keeps calling. and calling. I stopped telling her when my appointments were when I was pregnant because she would not leave me alone about it. Same if she knows the babies have an appointment. And if she knew one of them had a problem - good lord, I'd never get any peace. Of course I'd tell her about something that was going to be major and ongoing, but this stuff that I think we can just handle ourselves, I'm choosing not to share.

So I could say that I don't tell her everything because I have her best interest in mind - I don't want her to worry and get stressed out. But really the honest truth is that I don't want to be subject to the stalking and inquisition.


Update: Callie is doing great. Crawling everywhere like a champ. She maybe has a slight 'limp' to her arm, but most people probably wouldn't even notice. She is back to stealing her brother's toys and climbing all over everything. She has a check up next week.


cat said...

First birthday parties comming for us both! I am just going to have a small family get together, but if you want to see a great first birthday party idea - have a look at this post.

Bea said...

I'm so glad Callie is ok. What a scary week! Onward to birthday celebrations, I say. I have no ideas for you, though.


Hopeful Mother said...

I know what you mean about moms/grandmoms and worrying. I swear that my mom is more worried about Alex than I am! You are wise to keep your info close to the chest.

We've got a 1st bday coming up too... I think we're going to do just a small family get-together, possibly at a restaurant so I don't have to clean up!

Glad to hear Callie is doing OK.