Sunday, September 21, 2008

I blinked. And a year went by.

One year ago today - everything changed.

That day...

We went for an amnio in the morning, to see whether the babies lungs were mature and decide when to deliver. We had some extra time while we waited for the amnio results, so we walked a lap around the hospital complex and enjoyed the fresh air. I was nervous, excited, anxious. It was a beautiful late summer day. The air was warm, the sky was clear. I remember very clearly what the air felt like. Four days later when we left the hospital everything had changed. The color of the light was different, the air felt different, the trees had started to change color. The world had changed - in so many ways.

On September 21, 2007 my beautiful babies were born. At 12:49 and 12:50 pm. It was the happiest day of my life - and every day has just gotten better since then. This was a moment I had waited for and looked forward to for years. I've known my entire life that I wanted to be a mother. But I didn't really know what that would mean. This day changed me. Nothing matters the way it used to. Everything matters in a way it never did. It has been the happiest year of my life. I've never had so much fun or so much joy.

But it's not all about me. :-) They have had a great year. Every day is a new adventure for them. Every day they discover something new, learn something new, accomplish something new. Their faces light up when the discover something. They love to laugh and play. They have great facial expressions. They get so excited when someone they love walks in the room. They sleep great, they eat great. They understand so much! It amazes me what they get. People think kids don't understand much - but they do! It amazes me to look back at the pictures and see how much they have changed and grown. So fast!

My wish granted, my dream come true, my prayer answered. I always wanted a daughter, and I always knew I would have one. She is who I dreamt of, who I thought about, who I hoped for. When she was inside me I knew who she was, I called baby B my baby girl. I even secretly called her Callie, because I knew that would be her name. I feel like I've known her for a very long time. She is adventurous and strong. She is very energetic, but can also snuggle up so sweet when she feels like it. I think she's going to be a very brave and independant girl. She is going to discover the world and teach us things we never knew. She will be very outgoing and popular.

The greatest surprise gift anyone could ever get. I never thought about having a son, it just never crossed my mind. And so he surprised me, and what a perfect surprise he is. He is so special and so beautiful - his wonderful smile is the greatest gift every day. He is my bonus gift - you wait extra long and you get rewarded with someone extra special. He is tender and sweet and mellow. He has a wonderful sense of humor. I think he makes jokes, and he gets jokes. He is intellectual and he studies things. He's not big on the physical stuff. He will be a little hard to get to know and shy at first, but a great and loyal friend once you get inside his heart.

What I wish for them is simple:
Happiness. However that comes. I want them to be happy with who they are, where they are, what they do, who they're with. I want them to be successful - but by their own definition of success, not anybody elses. I don't care if they make a bunch of money. I care that they are comfortable and happy with who their are and with the choices they make. I want them to value education and have the opportunity to have as much of it as possible. I want them to see the world, and care about the world. I want them to love and be loved a lot.

Happy Birthday Babies!!


Jaimie said...

I remember when I read the updates on all my former classmates at my high school reunion a few years back. All the people that were parents gushed about nothing but being a parent and they all sounded a little strange. Well, I must have gone soft in the head and they were all right. Everything in this world is different. My to my bosses dismay, my priorities ARE different. These blessed little creatures that rob us of sleep and make us physically exhausted are the most beautiful, rewarding things in the world! Time goes by so quickly. Happy first year!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Daniel and Callie!

Heather said...

Happy belated birthday! This is a fabulous post. Very well said!

Nina said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful post. I could have written it, and feel exactly the same way about our baby girl. I have nevr been this happy before too. Isn't it wonderful? Your twins are gorgeous of course :)

seattlegal said...

Happy belated birthday!

Rachel Inbar said...

Happy birthday - that post is really beautiful :-)

Thalia said...

Beautiful post. Happy Birthday sweet babies, so glad you are here.

beagle said...

Belated Happy Birthday kiddos!

Bea said...

Happy belated birthday!

Just catching up here. Hope you had a good trip, and the schedules were interesting! Honestly! It's nice to look ahead and see what sort of things (some) babies do at a certain age.


Hopeful Mother said...

Happy belated b-days Daniel and Callie.

It is amazing the difference one year's time can make. We're coming up on 1 in two days and I can't believe it.

Sarah said...

happy belated birthday!!! your descriptions are wonderful and i'm amazed how well the photo suits them each, sounds like you were really able to catch both their spirits in that one picture!