Thursday, October 09, 2008

where does the time go?

I thought that by working part time I would end up with more free time to get things done. But somehow the time seems to get sucked up, and I still find myself with the same long lists of things that don't get done. I'm not sure where the time goes.

I definitely am spending more time with my kids, which is awesome and I love it. It also means that I rarely have to pump any more - I have one day a week that I'm in the office most of the day, so lately I am just pumping once a week. So nice.

And yes, I am still nursing. I feel really proud that I have made it to over a year exclusively nursing twins. I will keep doing it for a while. Especially given our new possible food allergy situation (another post about that forthcoming), I think it's even more important to keep them on breastmilk for a while longer and keep my immunity protecting them.

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