Sunday, October 19, 2008


Tomorrow Danny has an appointment for allergy testing. It sounds strange to say, but we're really hoping they find something. That, at least, would be answer. Answers we can deal with. We think there's at least something with the dairy - a few days off dairy and the constipation that has plagued him his entire life has completely gone away. Gone. In fact, it's quite the opposite now. Very loose poops 2 - 4 times a day. In fact so much so that now I'm wondering if something else he's eating is causing that, now that the dairy isn't there to stop it up.

But mostly we're wondering if something in his diet is affecting his brain.

We're problem/solution type people. Present us with a clear cut problem, and both can tackle it head on. If they tell us that nothing in his diet is slowing him down, then we're going to have to keep digging for other answers. We have an appointment with a neurologist, but we can't get in until december. His PT doesn't think he has a neurological problem, but we're not sure. We just want an answer. This ambiguity is so hard. Why is our child so skinny and pale? Why does he not use his left leg when he tries to do his belly scoot / army crawl? Why did he stop gaining weight, stop progressing with motor skills and stop talking?

Yes, that last is a new realization that has us fairly worried.

At his 12 month check up a few weeks ago, the pediatrician asked us if they both make consonant sounds - da, ba, ma, etc. And we said yes, they both do. Because they both had been. But then we went home and realized - when was the last time we actually heard Danny do that? It's been a while it seems. He was doing all of that for a while, and now we realize that he quit doing it at some point. We're not sure when. I feel terrible to admit that I guess we hadn't really been paying attention. We'd been so focused on his motor skills, that we completely missed that all his verbal skills had basically gone out the window too. He's not silent. He makes long vowel sounds - ahh, ooh, uhh. He makes a high pitched scream that could send dogs running. But no actual babbling. I'm not sure when it stopped. I guess he must have been doing it at 9 months, because it didn't come up as an issue at his 9 month checkup. So sometime between 9 and 12 months he quit.

This has me worried.


Anonymous said...

I hope there is an easy answer.

cat said...

I will really be praying and hoping that you find a solution. Light and love to you.

Heather said...

I hope you get some answers. I know too much dairy bothers my daughter. She gets quite constipated if she drinks too much milk. But other than that, I don't have much experience with food allergies other than my DH is allergic to MSG. It makes his rheumatoid arthritis act up.

Hopeful Mother said...

I know the worry all too well. I think worry and guilt go hand-in-hand, and no matter how much you try to avoid them, they come anyway. And we can't change anything with our worries, but we do it anyway.

I'm hoping that your worries do not materialize, but I know exactly what you mean - and sometimes it seems the more you look for something, the more you find it. Wish we could keep our heads in the sand like so many other parents... but it's just not us.

Kathleen said...

Delurking to encourage you to make phone calls and get him into the (a?) neurologist before Dec. From past experience, I've found that persistence can pay off in getting an appointment in the near future.

If nothing is wrong, it will save you 2 months of worry. If something is wrong, it would be a shame to let it progress 2 more months without intervention.

Good luck to you. (And sorry for the assvice, but it seems important).

Bea said...

I hope someone can allay your fears soon.


JV said...

I really hope that the reason for Danny's symptoms is found, so that you can tackle the problem once and for all. I understand your worry. Will be keeping you in my thoughts.