Thursday, November 19, 2009

again with the waiting

Thanks to everyone for all your wonderful comments of support and congrats. I don't know what I would do if I hadn't found this wonderful virtual IF community - what a wonderful thing the internet is. You all make IF just a little bit easier to bear, and you help make the successes a little more sweet. so thank you.

I don't have much in the way of updates. We have a scan scheduled for Tuesday, Dec 1. I'll be 6 weeks and 6 days. They offered to do one next week, but we'll be out of town. I asked if we could do it before we leave but they said that would be too early. So it's booked for the day after we get home.

We're flying to San Diego on Saturday to spend the week with my family for thanksgiving. We will be telling my mom & stepdad and my sister & brother-in-law at dinnner on Saturday night. Those of you who have been reading here for a while will recall that these embryos were the result of donor eggs from my sister - so I am very exicted to be able to tell her of this pregnancy in person.

This second 2ww is almost as hard as the first. But fortunately I have this vacation to break it up, and am busy this week getting everyone packed and ready for the trip. I've been having a terrible time keeping my brain focused on work - which is not very good because I do consulting work, so I need to put in the hours in order to get paid. I have to figure out a way to get focused.

I have been 'graduated' early by my acupuncturist. I saw her yesterday and she said that they usually like to see people through their first trimester, but my numbers are so high that she really doesn't think it's necessary. So she sent me off with a whole packet of info - eastern medicine guidelines and recommendations about pregnancy, and told me to call if I have any complications, and to come back in the third trimester for birth preparation. If any of you are considering acupuncture and/or chinese medicine for infertility, I highly recommend it. I really believe it made a difference in my last cycle.

I have very little symptoms so far - some mild breast tenderness, maybe some blue veins showing up in my arms and chest, and some very mild queasyness. All things that I probably wouldn't notice if I wasn't looking so closely for them. But I expect this to change within the next couple of weeks. Last time I think it was around 6 weeks that I started feeling pretty crummy.

I've been thinking a lot about the little superstitions that we all have during our IF treatments. With every little move I make I'm afraid I might jinx something. With my first FET transfer I wore the necklace I had worn when I got pg with the twins. But that FET failed, so this last time I made sure to wear a different necklace - a new one that my hubby had given me for my birthday. I bought a few items of maternity clothing, because the weather has turned here and I have no winter clothes that fit (yes, I gained a bit of weight this last cycle). It seemed silly to buy regular winter clothes that won't fit for very long, so I bought a few maternity things. They are little big, but so much more comfortable than squeezing into pants that are too tight. And it's so nice that the now make maternity pants that don't look like maternity pants - with a 'real waste'. But I'm terrified that I'll jinx myself by doing so, and by talking about it.

That's all for now - not sure how much I'll be posting for the next week or so, as I'll be busy with family. But check back on December 1 for the news about the first ultrasound. I think it will be exciting.


Brooke said...

Well, have a great time with your family! I can't wait to hear your update on December 1! At least you'll be busy over the next week, so the time will go a bit faster!

Stephanie said...

Hope you have a wonderful visit with family. You have something extra special to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. You can also be thankful that you won't be feeling crummy quite yet and can enjoy all the yummy food!! Crumminess will come soon enough! Yeah!

Bea said...

Sounds like you'll be busy during the wait, which is good, I guess. Hope it goes quickly!


Heather said...

Wishing you lots of luck and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

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