Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm back

Hi there. Sorry I was MIA for a few days. I went to a spa with a couple of girlfriends. It was a weekend we had planned a while back. This will be a brief update, I'll do a longer post later. I'm trying to get caught up today.

I had a massage and a facial on Friday. The resort was so beautiful, and the weather was amazing. Saturday we walked around the town a bit, and then went down into Santa Barbara for a few hours. My nausea actually was much better over the weekend. Not sure if it was just the change of scenery, or because I am finally figuring out how to manage this. Probably a bit of both, but mostly that I’m figuring it out. I’ve been trying to eat a little bit every couple of hours, and constantly sipping some beverage. I have practically been living on yogurt – eating it several times a day (I've already had two today and it's not even noon!). The nausea isn’t gone, but it’s definitely better the last few days. It’s more off and on now, not so constant as it was last week. I was thinking about checking in to some acupuncture for the nausea, but if I can manage to maintain the balance I’ve had for the last few days, then maybe I won’t need it. We’ll see how the next few days go.

My next appointment for an u/s at the RE is on Friday. But I was able to get an OB appointment for Wednesday (with a friend's OB that she raves about – I’m very happy!). First when I called last week they said they couldn’t get me in for a month. But then they called back the next day and said they could get me in this Wednesday. It will be early (7 weeks, 6 days), but I think when I told them it was twins they decided they needed to try to fit me in soon. J is going to go with me. We’re hoping we can get an u/s at that appointment. Does anybody know? Do you get an u/s at your first ob visit?

I'm just really, really hoping that they both are still there.

I am having a little bit of a hard time keeping up with your blogs. The nausea makes it hard to read long posts. But I'm scanning for updates in between yogurts, and rooting for everyone who is cycling, or figuring out what to do next, etc.


Stephanie said...

Glad you had a nice relaxing girls weekend. Sounds like a wonderful trip!

Bumble said...

Hi Carol, thanks for the gorgeous U/S pics, what a beautiful sight, congrats on the twins! Just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow!!

Meg said...

Susan glad to hear the m/s is better!! Sounds like your weekend away was relaxing and fun....

Hopeful Mother said...

Carol, glad things are going well. Exciting with your OB appt. tomorrow! Bet you can't wait to see the little beans again!

I don't think my OB does u/s on the first appt. It is more of a gathering of medical history and blood, and then I think they schedule the u/s for the following week. We IF patients are spoiled with our u/s habit!

The Town Criers said...

You know what else helped somewhat--those acupressure bracelets. You can get them at CVS. They look like a little wrist band with a button on it.

We had an u/s at almost every appointment. And be sure to ask for pictures to keep :-)

Jaimie said...

Nausea is such a miserable feeling. I noticed mine has been better when I have been away from home too. For me very, very cold water and toast have been saviors. My nausea peaked at about weeks 10 and 11.

My sister got ultrasounds as each of her first visits and so did my SIL, but I didn't. I think it just depends of the office. They may very well want to though since you have two.

I work in the operating room and my specialty is working with our OB/GYNs. The female doctors have been more sympathetic, but always seem to be excited that I have been so sick. That is such a good sign they keep telling me. I feel like I keep getting my head patted when I really just want more drugs. (I did discover they are also more willing to give you drugs for the nausea).

Congratulations and good luck with your first appointment!

steph said...

Twins! That's great. Sounds like you're both thrilled with the news.
Weekend at the spa. mmmmmmmm. Lovely!