Monday, February 05, 2007

Results are in... and dates...

Ok - so here it is...

Second beta is 1935.

That's a doubling time of about 45 hours. I think that's pretty good.

The due date is October 11th (the coordinator originally said the 14th, but she counted wrong and every calendar tells me that it's the 11th -if you count 38 weeks from retrieval, which is what she said it should be).

We have a first ultrasound scheduled for February 21. I should be 6 weeks and 6 days at that point.

I will be a little nervous until we get that u/s. This is where it all went wrong before - when we saw the empty sac. But I'm pretty sure that won't happen this time - these betas are way, way higher than that pregnancy. So - I'm not going to freak out about it, I'll just be a little nervous.

J really wants to tell more people - specifically his parents and a few friends. But I really want to wait until after the u/s. I know - if you get bad news then your family should be the ones to support you. But for me it would just mean more people to have to explain things to, and more occasions to start crying because people know and so they want to talk about it. Once we see a little heartbeat (or heartbeats) on that u/s, then I'll feel comfortable telling the world.

So here we go on the next 2ww.


Angi said...

You and J must just be over the moon happy!! I know it is going to be a little nerveracking until you can see your little bean(s) on the u/s, but try and enjoy it for are PG!!! Congratulations again!!!

ava said...

yaaay!!!! I'm so excited. And our ultrasounds are on the same date :) Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!

Nickie said...

Kick ASS beta!! How many dpo is that? 6w6d is a great time for an u/s, you should get to see a nice strong hb or two (or 3????):wink:

I'm betting you'll crack and tell someone before the u/s, but you have very good reasons for waiting, I know this pg, I was hesitant to tell many ppl after having been burned so much last time.

You must be floating on a cloud today!!!

Hopeful Mother said...

This is such great news... I am THRILLED for you and J!

How did your sister react, btw?

Sandy. said...

A big hearty congratulations.

I was a bit behind, but now I'm all caught up and have goosebumps for you. How exciting and nerve wracking all in one.

Here's to a healthy, non-eventful and full-term pregnancy!


My Reality said...

Fantastic beta! Amazing doubling!

Here is to sanity in the next 2 weeks.

Stephanie said...

YOU ARE PREGNANT! That is so wonderful!

Sparkle said...

Great beta, fantastic.

It will be nerve-wracking waiting to get to the beta - but just remember not to obsess about the symptoms too much.

We still haven't told our families yet - I'm not prepared to tell them till we get past the nuchal translucency scan.

Sparkle said...

Oops sorry - that was meant to say waiting for the scan not beta!

Kris said...

Yay! That is awesome! Congratulations!

serenity said...

Congratulations. Seriously? You're having twins. That is a KICK ASS beta. :)

Hugs and hang in there - hoping for a great scan that shows healthy heartbeats. :)

Bea said...

Sounds good!

I think if you're not comfortable telling everyone, might as well keep it quiet. You can always tell them all about it after it's gone badly if you want to (although it doesn't sound like you will need to!) but once you tell them the first half of the tale, you can't avoid telling them the second half, even if you don't feel like it.

But gosh, I'd be feeling pretty good about that second beta, too.


Kristy said...

Congratulations! This news is awesome!

I am the same as you - I think I am not going to tell anyone if I get pregnant once I cannot hide it any longer :) But at least until the HB :)

Keeping The Faith said...

Excellent doubling time! I'm so happy for you. Congrats on a successful cycle. Wishing you an uneventful 8+ months until you have your sweetie- pie baby in your arms.

Hope the next 2ww until your u/s goes by quickly :-)