Friday, March 16, 2007

Big milestone today - 10 weeks 1 day

Well not only is today my first PIO free day in what seems like years...

But BabyCenter also tells me that today my babies are no longer embryos. We have entered the fetal stage. That's pretty huge.

And they are the size of kumquats.

I have noticed a cycle... after I have an appointment and a scan, I am on a bit of high. I feel really good about things - very optimistic about the pregnancy and about both babies. I even give my mother and husband permission to tell more people. But after several days my high starts to wear off and the nervousness will come back. I am so lucky that I get to see them via ultrasound scan every two weeks. It is so reassuring. I don't know how people with 'normal' pregnancies cope - how would I manage to not go insane with worry if I couldn't have that reassurance? When do you start really believing that this is going to work out? When do you stop checking the tp every day for blood?

And when do you start getting ready for the babies? I have looked online at a few baby sites with cribs and such. But at what point do you actually start considering buying this stuff? Is there a guideline for at how many weeks you should start getting the nursery ready?


Jade said...

I love how high you are about all of this - it gives me hope!!!

serenity said...

Congratulations to you and those babies for making it to the fetal stage!

I can't help you with the pregnancy questions, hon - but I think it's like anything else. Take it a day at a time.


seattlegal said...

It's the same with me - after my ultrasound appointment or OB appointment, I feel so good about things, then the longer it gets from that appointment, I start to feel nervous. It is good though that I've started to feel them move on a more regular basis. It's good that you get to go in every 2 weeks!

As for when to get things ready, I slowly started to get things. I was afraid for a long time to buy anything fearing I would jinx it. We started to buy the bigger things or get the bigger things within the past few weeks. I've started to get the nursery ready and hopefully, will have that done by 30 weeks.

Bea said...

A very definite cycle - it's not even about good news or bad news, it's just about knowing where you stand. With me there's a low point in the middle, followed by a calming of nerves as the next appointment draws closer. Even though I constantly expect bad news at the next appointment, seems it's the uncertainty that gets me most.


Inglewood said...

I don't think there is any definite timeline, more whatever makes you the most comfortable. The moment there was a noticiable ease was after my detailed scan and then feeling my baby move. I hope it happens for you sooner. Not that I was doom'n'gloom the entire time, there was a lot of excitement too.

We are going out this weekend to order our nursery furniture and I will be 20 weeks.

Do what makes sense for you. They are in the fetal stage, congrats on another milestone met.

Twisted Ovaries said...

Congrats on making it to a major stage! And I think it's cute that you get a high and give permission to tell more people. I think you need and deserve all the support you can get.

My boy is pretty superstitious (and always has been), so believe it or not we won't be ordering a thing beforehand. Nothing. We'll have a list ready and while I'm recovering in hospital he'll be fulfilling the list.

We'll see how well I handle this.

Marie-Baguette said...

I am like you, a high followed by increased doubts. I am trying to take baby steps, like telling more and more people about the pregnancy, getting books, etc. I don't think we will buy anything until the last minute though... Re: how do "normal" people do not get scarred, I can tell you that that's because they don't know like we do how fragile a pregnancy can be!

Karen said...

I think your cycle is normal, particularly for infertiles. Like Bea said, I don't even think it's about good vs. bad news... it's about having information. At the stage I'm at with my pregnancy, each of my ultrasounds individually actually do little to give me an idea of whether there's good news or bad news, but at least I have more information each time I go.

I don't honestly know how "normals" function without ultrasounds before 10-12 weeks or without weekly monitoring, or without anything like that. I don't know how "normals" can be surprised by pregnancy, or not know their conception/due date down to the second. I think we just can't know how "normals" feel about any of this.

And I can't help you on when you stop checking for blood every day... in my last (12 week) pregnancy and this pregnancy, I've had bleeding every single day. If I ever have a pregnancy without bleeding, I expect I'll be checking the TP every single day for forty weeks.

As for when you start preparing for baby and purchasing things, you have to guage that one for yourself. My custom (I'm an Orthodox Jew) is not to purchase any major items (with the possible exception of a car seat) before the birth. If I didn't have that custom, I'd probably wait at least until around 20 weeks.