Monday, March 19, 2007

10 weeks 4 days

I don't have much to report today, so this is more of a journaling post for me. I have noticed that a lot of my cycle sisters are posting less now that they are pregnant. I am hoping for a very uneventful twin pregnancy that won't provide me much drama to post about. But I still plan on posting because it's a great way for me to journal about my pregnancy. I like going back and reading my old posts. I am also going to go back and put the number of weeks/days on my old posts - so that I know where I was at when I wrote each post.

My nausea and intestinal issues seems to have improved a lot. Knock on wood. I hope I don't jinx it again. I've been trying to get more fiber, and I think that's helping - things are moving through much more regularly again and I haven't been having the issues with constipation. I still have some pretty impressive gas at night, but not with the accompanying discomfort - or at least not nearly as much. And the nausea seems to pretty much stay away unless I let myself get too hungry.

J and I went to costco yesterday and I stocked up on snacks. And we brought a small fridge into my office so I can keep snacks handy at work. So I now have a fridge stocked with yogurt, cheese and fruit. And a shelf of crackers, protein bars, cereal. I found some new bars - I think they are meant for people who are doing those low-carb, high protein diets - they have 16 grams of protein per bar, but they're chocolately and crunchy like a candy bar. yum.

I have started to dip my toe back into the real food. Friday night we went to a local sushi restaurant - I had some tofu and two rolls - without raw fish of course. One was called a "lake washington roll" and it had crab, avocado and asparagus. The other was a salmon skin roll. Those both went down and stayed down pretty well -so I am hoping that I will be back to eating more interesting food soon. My friend K and I used to go for sushi a lot - almost weekly. The poor thing has been suffering from sushi withdrawal since I haven't been able to go with her. But I think we will start that again soon - I am looking forward to sampling all the cooked delights of the sushi bar. But I don't want to overdo it and get myself back into the nausea and intestinal issues - so I will be easing back into the real food, and see how things go.

I think I may have started to feel some small flutters from the babes. I know it seems too early. I looked on a twins discussion board - most people feel them around 18 - 20 weeks. But there were a few ladies on there who said they felt the flutters at 10 or 11 weeks. It's very, very faint. I only feel it when I'm laying very still - and even then it's not often. Sometimes it seems like gas - so I may be imagining it. But I do think it's a bit different than the gas bubbles I feel - it feels like it's coming from lower and deeper inside my abdomen. And it's just barely perceptible - whereas I usually have no problem feeling the gas. So we will see - if this gets a bit stronger over the coming weeks, then maybe I will be more convinced that I am feeling the kids, and not just gas. It sure is a nice idea though.

Mom asked if she was allowed to start sending me baby things. I think she's been buying a lot. I guess that's fine. I'm not going to buy anything for a while, but I guess I don't mind if she does. I don't think I'm going to have to buy much for these babies - at the rate my mother is going. Every day she calls and tells me about some cute things she bought. Ok.

And she keeps bringing up maternity clothes. "Have you looked at the maternity clothes at the Gap yet?" "what about Old Navy?" Uh,,,, no. I'll look at maternity clothes when I need some maternity clothes. I don't know when I'll need them. There are no signs of 'showing' yet. My regular clothes all still fit. I have retired a few things that were a little snug to begin with - as tight things around the waist are not what I'm interested in right now. But all my stuff that was comfortable before basically still is. It seems a little strange to me that with twins I'm not even starting to feel a little thicker yet. But I'm sure that will happen soon enough. I worry that I will pop out overnight - like you hear some people talk about. I have this vision of getting up one morning and not being able to go to work because all of a sudden I have no pants that fit, and I have refused to buy a maternity item until I really need it.

Things at work are still strange. We are in the middle of a re-org. I have been moved to a new group. But my job in that group is still up on the air. The new group will re-org by the end of April, so those of us that were moved over are just temporarily assigned to a manager until the new org is figured out. I have a dilemna about what I should be doing with my career right now. I could just kick back and ride it out, take whatever they give me, and coast until I go on materinity leave (for 5 months). But then I really risk not having a clear role set aside from me when I return from leave. Or I could get agressive about trying to carve out a good role for myself - ask for what I want and really go after it. The risk here is that I might get what I ask for. :-) I might get myself into a really demanding and stressful role - and I don't think that's what I need right now. But the benefit is that I've carved out a clear place for myself that will more likely still be good when I get back. Maybe there's some kind of in between spot I can find. Or maybe it won't really be up to me. This is another big reason however why I don't want to tell any of my co-workers or management that I am pregnant. I do not want this knowledge to influence what job responsibilities they decide to give me. I don't want them to give me less because they know I am going to be leaving in 6 months. The management of this team is all men. And I know that legally your health condition is not supposed to influence your job. But this is a pretty testosterone driven organization, and I don't think these guys are capable of not taking it into consideration. They're nice guys - but I just don't think they would ignore it if they knew. Also worth noting that most of these nice guys have wives that don't work - so the working mom situation is probably not one they can easily relate to. This is supposed to be resolved by the end of April. So back to the above topic about showing - if I do start showing soon, I may not be able to avoid them finding out before they have made these decisions. So in that sense I guess it's good that I'm not looking pregnant yet.

I have started to work on the list of all the house projects that J and I need to get done before these babies come. Most of them are small things - although there are a few bigger items. But mostly little stuff that we have procrastinated about for several years. I'm hoping that if my feeling better trend continues, that very soon I will be able to start tackling some of the small stuff on this list - while J gets cranking on some of the bigger stuff.

that's all for now...


twistedovaries said...

I was just in the same position as you're in-I work in a high-power business, and I was just offered a lateral move in a department that is fast-paced, moving, and definitely a "spotlight" career place.

I just turned it down.

I visualized myself (wait with me here, I'm not a hippy, I promise!) pregnant at 30 weeks, trying to be high-powered and powerful while balancing a multi-pack of twins. I felt the work-life balance would have been too far off for satisfaction, that trying to be relaxed and healthy for a twin birth was more important to me than battling to the top.

This isn't to say that I might be wrong, of course. I'm just trying to tell you you're not alone in trying to decide which track is the right one right now, which is a difficult time to be making those kinds of decisions.

seattlegal said...

Good idea on naming the posts on what week/day you are. I wish I had done that.

I think I felt my first little flutter (what I want to believe was the babies moving) around 13 weeks or so, so it is possible you felt them this early.

Nickie said...

I know I felt this guy early, so it's totally possible that you're feeling them a bit already. How exciting.

As for work, since I know where you work, I agree with the not telling about the pg yet. Let them make org decisions w/o that complication that will influence SOMEONE'S ideas on where you should end up. Now, about which path to take - you know that company, they re-org so often that even if you take a sit back and relax attitude now (which I think would be a good idea in general) and you come back to a less-than-perfect job situation, you only have to wait a few months before you re-org again, right?? LOL Plus, you can always figure out a new role in the company if the one you come back to isn't what you really want.

Now, you do need to get started soon (yes like in the next month) on figureing out child care. If you plan to go with a day care center, I liked one in particular for DS, feel free to email me for the name.

Oh, and get at least one pair of maternity or stretch pants that have room to grow, just in case you pop overnight cause that does happen.

I think I'm going to go add the week/day info on my posts too, great idea!

Foreverhopeful said...

Its great to read your updates.. :) Glad everything is going smoothly and that you are feeling better. Hope everything at work resovles itself. I'm in the same type of job. I work with all men and all of their wives dont' work either..! I'm not sure what they would do without me if and when I leave. :) :) Guys are clueless and lazy that they have no idea what to do when I'm gone. For now.. it keeps my job secure but I don't know what will happen when it comes time for me to leave. I'm sure everything will work itself out.. :) :)