Monday, April 23, 2007

rough days - 15 weeks 4 days

I've had a rough couple of days. I feel absolutely terrible today.

My allergies have kicked into high gear. The last two nights I have been up countless times sneezing and blowing my nose. So I haven't slept great. And to top that off - Saturday night I kicked the leg of the bed so hard that my toe is now purple. It was a rough night. My nose hurts from blowing it so much.

The doc said it was safe to take benadryl for allergies, but even so, I still have tried to avoid taking anything unless I really, really need it. That stuff really slows me down, so I imagine it must do the same to the babies. But last night I couldn't avoid it, so I have had some. But I don't really know how much it's helping. My head feels like it will explode. My nose is running like a faucet. I guess maybe this would all be worse without the benedryl. I keep an air cleaner in the bedroom to help with the allergies - but I think it's time to replace the filters, so it's probably not working as well as it should.

Mine are seasonal allergies, pollen mostly - they are worst after a few days of nice weather, when everything is blooming. If you haven't had bad allergies - it's like having a nasty head cold or flu - stuffed up and sneezy, feeling like your head is going to explode. You just don't have that all over achiness that you get with a cold.

I've also had a throbbing headache. Not sure if this is allergy related or pregnancy related - I know headaches are common in pregnancy. I guess it's probably both. But it's bad. and again, I know they say that tylenol is safe, but I still feel like I should try to minimize the drugs I consume, so I have only been taking it when the headache gets so bad that I can't stand it.


On a more positive note... we got our new furniture on saturday. And I just love it. Our bedroom looks so different - we both just keep pausing as we walk by the bedroom door, to admire the room. The dining chairs are coming in a few weeks, so right now the table looks a little odd without any chairs - but the new table is really awesome too.

I have signed us up for a series of childbirth educations classes specific to those expecting multiples. Thanks to Heather for letting me know about it. Up until now, our hospital only had regular classes, and a different hospital in town had ones for multiples. So I had been debating about whether we take the multiples class at the other hospital, or take the regular classes at the hospital where we will be delivering. Well our hospital just announced a new series of multiples classes - so problem solved! I know it's a bit early to sign up - the classes don't start until July - but I wanted to make sure we got in before it filled up. This is the first real 'planning for the birth' thing I have done. I hope I didn't jinx myself by signing up so early.

Oh, and thanks to Tinker for pointing out that my picture was missing. Not sure what happened - somehow my profile disappeared. But I have added it back. :-)


Nickie said...

Oy, sorry about the allergies. I had them severely as a child and remember being miserable all spring/summer long. 4 yrs of injections helped me get rid of them. Don't discount that the pg can be making them worse since your immune system is a bit suppressed by the babies so your allergy reaction is probably worse. Not sure if you have A/C, but I know of lots of people who have gotten it installed just to help keep the air cleaner. Might be worth investigating. It's not like Seattle summers are going to be getting any cooler with global warming, right??

Jaimie said...

Allergies are the pits! I hope you feel better soon. All our trees are in the stages of blooming and mine have been really bad too. My doctor had me keep taking my prescription allergy medication the entire time. I am greatful for that! I don't like benadryl either.

seattlegal said...

I've had some bad allergy days lately too! Yuck! You're welcome on the classes! :-)

Susan said...

I'm having those awful headaches, too. My doctor said it is normal, especially at this stage (I'm at 14 weeks). I've found that drinking LOTS of water, sipping throughout the day, helps tremendously. It just means I have to pee eight times a night instead of six! Don't know what to tell you about those allergies. My husband gets them, too, and I know how absolutely terrible it can be. Hang in there!

Marie-Baguette said...

sorry about your allergies. I hope they will get better soon. Pregnancy somehow screws up your nasal passages. I have been having real bad nose bleeds, and a very bad cold. Thinking of you