Thursday, April 12, 2007

14 weeks - heading for retirement land...

Wow, I am 14 weeks today. Not sure why, but this feels like a big milestone to me.

I don't have much new to report - feeling ok the last couple days - that relapse on tuesday seemed to just last one day. The other funny part about tuesday was that I was feeling the babies move A LOT. Yesterday not very much. Today a bit. It's unpredictable, some days I feel them a lot and some days not so much. And it's pretty amazing but I believe I can distinguish between the two. Because they are side-by-side - right and left - I can clearly identify whether the movement is coming from the right or the left, or both. Pretty cool.

Today I am employing the rubber-band trick on the pants for the first time. I am still trying to avoid wearing the maternity pants to work. So using the rubber band to span the gap between the button and the button-hole seems to be working pretty well.

We are leaving tomorrow for a long weekend - flying to DC to visit J's dad. We'll be back on tuesday. We will fly into DC - Reagan - and then get on the train (or the metro? whatever they call it there) to Greenbelt, Maryland, where J's dad and/or stepmother will pick us up. They don't like to drive a night (or at all really), so the airport pickup is not an option.

Honestly I'm not totally looking forward to the weekend. J's dad is a sweet big teddy bear of a man. And his wife is fun. It's just that it's a family-visiting weekend, not any kind of a fun get away. And neither of them get around very well. So we will be spending our time hanging around the 'retirement community' in which they live - eating dinner at 4:00 in the on-site 'restaurant', etc. And I'm sure I will get put on display over and over again - as I am introduced to all the fellow retirees as the daughter-in-law who is pregnant with twins. Visiting children are a big deal in a retirement place. I'm not looking forward to that - I hate being made a big spectacle of.

But I'm sure the weekend will be restful - since they don't get around well, I don't think there will be a whole lot of activity. J and I get our very own retirement suite - apparently the place has some guest units available, so we will be staying right on the property, rather than in a nearby hotel. I've never stayed in a retirement community before. I think it will be interesting.

And funny note - apparently J's step-sister refers to the place as "Shakey Acres". Perfect. Sunday is their annual fishing tournament (in a pond on the property I guess), that should be entertaining.

And I'm also really not looking forward to the long flight. Cramped up in those seats with all those people hacking up their lungs all around me. How is it that the flights I'm on always seem to be filled with refugees from the TB ward? I've booked myself an aisle seat (I'm usually a window kind of girl - but not these days with the pregnant bladder), so poor J will be stuck in the middle. But I've got my digital music player (not an i-pod - way better!), and some books to read. And I'll be packing lots of snacks. But I can't pack any yogurt or milk - which is what I really want to eat - because of those stupid TSA rules about liquids, creams, gels or pastes (I think yogurt falls into one of those categories).

I am looking forward to being able to wear my comfy maternity pants all weekend - and being able to just relax and not worry about sucking in my gut, or carefully planning my wardrobe so that I don't look pregnant. Because it is highly doubtful that I would run into anybody I work with in a retirement village in Silver Spring, Maryland.

I'll check back in on all my blogging friends on wednesday. Hopefully with an update about another great OB visit - as our next appointment is Wednesday morning.


Meg said...

Have a great visit. I know what you mean about not really looking forward to it. Speaking of flying and people coughing etc. I ended up getting sick on my third day in Aruba with a nasty cold that I still havent kicked from all the people on the plane coughing and sneezing etc. I even took airborne before we left. I dont understand how so many people can be that sick. I call the plane a "germ tube" because thats exactly what it is. Hope you can avoid the sickness :)

Karen said...

I hope you have a good time. I know exactly what community they live in! (it's a few miles from my house... it's nice there!)

Enjoy your time off and time to wear maternity pants!

Foreverhopeful said...

Congrats on 14 weeks.. :) Sorry to hear about your relapse with your sickness. Hope that was just temporary and you are back to feeling better. That's so cool your feeling your babies move more. So exciting..! Hope you're having a good relaxing time with your family and enjoying lounging around in those maternity pants.. :) :)

Hopeful Mother said...

I hope you're enjoying your maternity pants... looking forward to your update on Wed.