Thursday, April 05, 2007

Second trimester is good! 13 weeks

So today I am 13 weeks - that marks the official start of the second trimester. Wow. Two months ago this milestone seemed so far away, and here we are. We are officially one third of the way there. yikes!

And I'm feeling pretty good. All of a sudden - over the weekend - that constant semi-crummy feeling went away. I did feel a little nauseous yesterday, but it was different from before - just my stomach was yucky, not that whole body exhaustion I was having. I told J the other day that I actually feel better than I can remember feeling in a couple of years. For the past couple of years I was on such a hormone roller coaster with all the cycles - getting all hopped up on fertility drugs and then coming down off them after a failed cycle. I had no energy and didn't feel like doing anything. I also was really suffering from depression, and I am thankfully free of that right now. So I feel good. Physically and mentally. I'm sure the physical part won't last long once I start getting big and uncomfortable, but for now I am enjoying it. And I'm sure I will continue to have days here and there where I don't feel great. But what a difference a week makes!

A big milestone I forgot to mention the other day - I cooked dinner Sunday night for the first time in almost 3 months! Even a week ago the though of cutting up raw meat and onions would have turned my stomach. But Sunday night it was just fine.

It's nice to feel back among the living.

Here's how sweet my husband is:
His birthday is next friday - April 13th. I've been asking him for a while what he wants for his birthday. I asked him again last night. And his answer: "That's hard to answer because there's nothing I want. I can't imagine being more happy than I am right now. I have everything I want. Times two."

Other stuff:
current favorite beverage: 3/4 water, 1/4 gatorade. It makes the water so much more drinkable, and full strength gatorade is too sweet for me.

Somebody asked the other day how I make my smoothies. There's no set recipe - but here's the basic overview:
  • a handfull of frozen fruit. Maybe about 1/2 cup. I have several different kinds - peaches; strawberries; I have one mix that's got mango, stawberry and pineapple. And one that's mixed berry. That's my least favorite and I probably won't buy it again - I don't like the little seeds. Sometimes I also throw in some fresh fruit if I have it - but always use some frozen to give it a nice frozen smoothie texture.
  • a banana. this makes it creamy
  • a scoop of protein powder - the one I have right now is a soy protein - 25 grams of protein per scoop!
  • sometimes I put in a few tablespoons of vanilla yogurt. I makes it extra creamy. And helps cover up the texture of the protein powder
  • Orange Juice - not sure about the amount, but enough to make it all blend together and get the right consistency. Maybe 1/2 to 3/4 cup? A lot of smoothie shops use apple juice - but I think that makes it waaaay too sweet.
  • Occasionally I will use milk instead of juice if I want something that seems more like a milkshake. But I think the protein powder (at least the one I have currently) doesn't seem to disolve as well in the milk.
  • Never put ice in it. This is the other thing that smoothie shops do that I HATE. It waters the smoothie down. If you use frozen fruit, you don't need ice.
  • I use a hand blender to mix it up - it's soooo much easier to clean up than a real blender. And the cup that comes with the hand blender is perfect size for one smoothie.

I've been having one of these every day. It really fills me up for several hours.

We have started looking at baby gear, particularly researching car seats and strollers. Finding a good quality twin stroller, that's designed for tall people (has an adjustable height handle), and also accepts two infant seats is not easy. Well, actually maybe it is easy - because there's only one. So not much of a decision to make I guess.


Nickie said...

Yay for 2nd trimester!!! Whoop Whoop! Awesome that you're feeling it so much better too!!

Jaimie said...

Congratulations!!! I am so glad you are feeling better! When my back hurts or when I have stretching pains I remember back to how horrible I felt before thirteen weeks. The pain seems so much more manageable then. I rememeber shopping with my SIL and MIL and I just found a place to sit. I'm not sure if I thought I was so sick I would die or I was just hoping I could curl up and die. They just thought I was being a difficult.

Thanks for the smoothie recipe. I am going to have to start making those. They sound really good. Even though I feel so much better now I am still afraid to eat a lot of things so I still find myself not eatting when I probably should.

I am having trouble figuring out which carseat to buy. I am curious what you pick.

ava said...

Woohoo, 2nd trimester!! And I'm so glad you are feeling better, that makes all the difference. I have to try your smoothie recipe, it sounds better than what I was making. And I always trust your recipe tips ever since you told me about grilling lemons :)

Isn't looking at baby gear fun? I have started doing that too!

Foreverhopeful said...

Congratulations on reaching your 2nd trimester. I can't believe how far along you are now. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm so excited as well and its nice you are ahead of me as I have someone to ask q's along the way. I'm not feeling as happy and as excited as I thought I would be. But I read back through your blog at the same stage and its nice to know that you were feeling the same things.

Bumble said...

Oooh, the stroller is nice! Even got a steering wheel and all hey! Congrats on being 13 weeks now, yay!!!