Tuesday, June 12, 2007

22 weeks 5 days - growth ultrasound

Well we had our third detailed ‘growth’ ultrasound today – and everything looks great. The babies are growing big! They already weigh 1lb 5 oz and 1lb 6 oz! I was amazed about that – I didn’t know they’d be so big already. I guess that explains why I’m getting so big. And they are both measuring ahead – at 23.2 weeks (we are currently at 22.7 weeks). The doctor was very happy with how they are progressing, and especially with the fact that they are so close in size (within 3% of each other). Both placentas look good – one anterior, and one posterior, neither are anywhere near the cervix. And my cervix measured 4.6cm – so that’s really great. Only slightly bummer news is that they are still both breech – which means a c-section unless baby A decides to turn over. But we’ve still got some time for that.

He said again that the contractions I’m having are no problem. I’m having probably 4 – 6 a day and they don’t last more than about 30 seconds. He said we start to get concerned if I was having 4 – 6 an hour and if they last more than a minute. And he said that I can continue just doing what I’m doing. At around 28 weeks (unless anything changes sooner) he will want me to cut back on activity, and they’ll start putting me on a monitor to look at the contractions.

So – all good news.

Once again, they were a bit stingy with the pictures. But I got a couple which I will scan tonight. One good profile shot of baby A. We got to see lots of great views of the babies though – fingers and toes, noses, heart, stomach, bladder, etc. At one point baby B had both a hand and a foot up by its face. Baby A was facing backwards, so we didn’t get a great look at that one’s face. Both heads are up, with legs crossed under them. Now I know who’s who when I’m feeling the kicks – because they are clearly oriented left and right – Baby A is up my right side and Baby B is up my left side.

oh - and just for kicks - I measured my girth! Then I told J to guess what it was. haha. He's a good sport - guessed way under. Well my waist is currently measuring 44 inches! I can't even imagine what it will be when I'm at 38 weeks. Scary!

And... I have broken the 200 lb mark. also scary. We're debating about whether I will weigh more than J by the time this is over. I think I probably will. yikes! But all for a good cause - so I'm not complaining. I just find it all very amazing.

My doc isn't bothering with the fundal height measurement - with twins it just doesn't tell us anything useful, and since we're getting growth ultrasounds that is better info anyway.

that's all for now!

Oh - and I almost forgot the best news of all. I have a maid coming tomorrow! I'm so happy, I nearly cried when I hung up the phone. I got the referral from a friend of mine. She has her come every week, for $80 a week. I'm going to try to get by with every other week, and see how that works out.


Thalia said...

The maid sounds like a superb idea, well done. I'm sure once every 2 weeks is not enough though!

Sarah said...

congrats again on another great scan! i have my cleaning person every two weeks and it's just fine. we barely do any touching up in between unless it's vaccuming a mess of some sort.

Bea said...

Sounds good. Another milestone!


Foreverhopeful said...

Sounds like everything is going great.. :) :) Glad to hear that you and the babies are doing so well.. :) :) That's great you found a maid.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have someone come in and clean. I think every two weeks will be enough - until you have two babies to clean up after!

Hopeful Mother said...

Things are going great - I'm so glad!

I hear you on the weight gain - I'm getting close to that threshold too... but we're doing it all for the babies!!!! The weight will come off easily enough.

The cleaning person sounds wonderful... right now my husband is my cleaning person, but at some point we may have to bite the bullet and pay someone to do it.