Tuesday, June 26, 2007

follow up from yesterday - pics of some of the stuff

Here are some pictures so you can get an idea of what kind of decorating we are doing for the babies' room - see the previous entry from yesterday to read all about the shopping trip!

I can't find a picture of the crib online - I guess our crib isn't available online anywhere. But it is the same brand and line as this one:
But it is set up more like this one - with the ends being higher, vs. the one side like the one above.

Here is the dresser - we will put a changing pad on top of this, and not have a separate changing table. Here are the curtains -

In this color - called "light celery" - frankly hard to tell from the picture, but it's a very pretty soft green.

This actually isn't the rug - but I can't find a pic of our rug online. The one we got was on sale, so it must have been discontinued - it's not on the PB site any more. But it is similar design to this, but more neutral colors - just greens and beiges.

As for the bedding... This crib sheet in sage green, along with this matching crib bed skirt - also sage green stripes.

and this blanket, although of course we won't be putting a blanket over the babies for a while - but it will look cute on the crib. It's the one on top in this picture - beige and green stripes.
and we got this changing pad cover, plus a white one for a spare.

I might also get this bookshelf. But I want to get the rest of the stuff in the room first, and then see if we have room for a shelf. That's the major stuff. I will post pics when we start getting it all put together.


Sarah said...

so pretty, it's really coming together! i hope we get to see a pic of the whole room once it's ready...

Keeping The Faith said...

I love your style. Looks like a room I'd want to sleep in- very soft and relaxing. Doesn't it feel good to start putting it all together.


Queila said...

I absolutely love the curtains. The color is beautiful and... don't worry... there's no prizes for moms who conceive naturally. You do belong to the club. You are performing an extraordinary job growing human beings in your tummy. :)