Monday, July 09, 2007

Feeling the third trimester? 26 weeks 4 days

I'm not totally clear on exactly when the third trimester starts. I think I might be in it.

so first of all - wow! - that happened fast! this pregnancy is going by really fast.

I think I am starting to feel a bit of the third trimester. Just in the past week or so - things have started to change. My second trimester energy burst has definitely started to fade - I get tired much more easily. And certain activities are just getting more difficult - getting up and down, getting out of the car, rolling over in bed, bending over. And forget about getting down on the floor and trying to get back up without assistance - that's just crazy! and in the past week I have noticed that I get full really easily - I don't eat very much at all before I just feel stuffed. I'm finding it hard to get all the calories I need, because I just can't eat that much. I think there will be a lot more protein shakes in my future, because those go down very easily and are a good way for me to get a lot of protein. I've had a few nights of fairly unpleasant heartburn, but I think I realized that it was because I was forcing myself to eat too much - so in the last few days I've tried to eat earlier in the evening, and spread it out more through the day, and I slept much better last night.

Overall though - I will still say that I think I'm doing remarkably well for being almost 27 weeks pregnant with twins. Even though I am having some of the difficulties described above - I think they are still pretty mild compared to what I've heard from other people. I'm not terribly uncomfortable most of the time (unless I eat to much) - it's just that it's getting hard to do things. I don't have hemroids or bad heartburn or really uncomfortable stretching or any back pain. And while it takes a bit more effort for me to get up and down, or roll over in bed - I can still do all that without pain.

After our multiples class last week, J and I were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves (or pleased with me I guess). Because even though we are the furthest along of everyone in the class - I seem to have the least pregnancy complaints of anyone.

So far - knock on wood - I still don't have any stretch marks. Actually, my skin doesn't feel all that stretched or tight yet. I haven't gotten any of that extreme itchy feeling that people describe when their skin is really stretched. Hoping this will be a trend that sticks around - but I know I've still got a lot of growing to do.

My biggest complaint is that these babies are quite comfortable sitting breech with their feet down in my pelvis. And let me tell you - when baby A starts up the dance party - it hurts! Fortunately this isn't a constant pain - only when the baby is kicking.

We have a dr appointment on wednesday. And I'm supposed to fly to San Diego thursday evening for a weekend with my mom & sisters, and a baby shower. I hope, hope, hope that the doctor lets me go! It's all about my cervix - if it hasn't changed, then I think I'm good to go - but if it's started to change at all, I think he will ground me.

I think I did a very good job of taking it easy last week. It was a very quiet week at work, so I worked from home with my feet up on the couch all week. And I had several days with no house project work at all. This weekend I did work on a few things, but I took lots of breaks. And I'm basically done with my house work - the babies room is nearly finished - I just need to figure out a few things to hang on the wall. And I'm done shopping for baby gear until after the showers. I will see what I get at my two baby showers, and then finish up my shopping in August.

tha's all for now folks...


Jade said...

good to hear you are feeling so good (albeit tired). gives me hope that pregnancy (and multiples) can be done.

Heather said...

Congratulations! I just found your blog today. I'll be keeping track of your progress. Hope all is well and the doctor doesn't ground you. Sounds like you deserve a great baby shower and visit with family

Anonymous said...

I think I'm envious that you're so organized. I have a number of things I need to do before the babies arrive (including completing my office move into a room on another floor of the house), but just can't seem to find the motivation to actually get it all done.

I guess I did plant 16 raspberry canes today that a cousin of my husband gave us, but I think that was procrastinating doing the real work.

I hope you get the okay to go south!