Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Am I crazy for thinking that I'll work into September?

I see lots of people on other blogs or on my twins board talk about how they are stopping work by 30 weeks or sooner. That would be in just a few weeks for me - as I'm almost 27 now. And I feel fine.

I'll be 34 - 35 weeks at the beginning of september. My doc won't let me go past 38 weeks. My plan is to work for as long as I can up until I deliver.

A big reason is around using up my time off - my maternity leave starts at birth. So if I want to voluntarily take off work before the birth, then I will be using up vacation time. I'd much rather save this time to use later, to spend more time with my babies before I go back to work. Otherwise my option is to take unpaid time off - which I'd rather not do.

And what would I do with myself if I took all those weeks off? Just sit around? I plan on having everything ready to go by the beginning of September, so there won't be anything for me to do around the house.

My work is pretty low impact - I sit in front of a computer. It's very easy for me to work from home. Historically I've done that one day a week anyway, and soon I will probably start trying to work from home a couple days a week. And while I am at work I mostly can sit here at my desk with my feet up. My work is not very stressful. In fact my stress level is lower now that my job is a bit busier - vs. the frustration I was feeling a few months back when my job was totally unclear. So what's the point of quitting working?

Unless of course the doc decides to put me on bed rest. But if that happens then I'll get on paid disability anyway, so the paid time off is no longer an issue. And I guess I'll deal with the boredom that comes along with that if I have to...


Bea said...

Seems to me it's a bit hard to predict. Some work up to 40wks. Others can't go past 20-something weeks. Things change within a short space of time. I'd arrange work based on everything going very smoothly and comfortably, and if you have to review, well, what else is new in life?


Heather said...

My water broke at 36 weeks and I worked until the last day. Granted that was a singleton baby.

However I agree you should play it by ear. As long as you are feeling OK and the babies are doing fine, continue working. Good luck these next few weeks!

Anonymous said...

If you feel fine working and your OB okays it (for the health of the kids), then why not? I've read that commuting isn't good late in pregnancy (especially with multiples), as often the commute creates more stress than the work itself, so if you can work more days from home, go for it!

My job won't end, even after the kids are born, as my toddler refuses to take a year-long leave (ha!), but at least I don't have to worry about commuting stress.

Twisted Ovaries said...

Like you, I also plan on working up until the end. I'd rather save my maternity leave for once they're here than before. But I have negotiated a deal whereby the type of work I'll be doing closer to their birth is of the work from home variety, since the commute is hard (I have about an hour commute via train. Not fun.)

JenderBender said...

I agree with you...If I were in your shoes I would work until they told me not to! Sitting around the house would be torture for me!! :)
I'm so excited for you, it's getting closer!

Best Wishes...Jen

p.s. The room is so cute, love it! :)

The Dunn Family said...

I had my twins at 36w3d. My docs said they wanted me to stop working at 24 weeks... I almost dropped to the floor. My boss let me work from home, but talk to your OB. Usually they will put you out on disability 4 weeks prior to your expected due date. But with twins, it may be different. All I can say is don't push yourself. I felt fine up till about 28 weeks, and then I started having tons of contractions that I needed meds for. I worked from home from 28-34 weeks, and boy was that pushing it.

I kinda wish I had taken my doctors advice and just gone out on disability sooner. I could have used the extra rest!

Good luck!

Nickie said...

I stopped working with my first at 34wks due to my BP going up. Luckily, in that case, the short-term disability kicked in. You might check into that option as well b/c you may possibly have enough medical reasons (physical discomfort being a major one) for qualifying for STD ahead of the due date.

I found that sitting at the computer was not good for my swelling so I was glad to get time off early to finish stuff up at home and rest as much as possible.

seattlegal said...

I think, like others have said, it really depends on the person. I was certainly getting uncomfortable at 30 weeks, but I had no idea that my cervix was thinning that much to put me on hospital bedrest. I had planned on working until the end as my maternity leave starts the second I stop working.

As long as you feel o.k. and your ultrasounds continue to be good, then I say work as long as you feel comfortable. :-D