Wednesday, August 08, 2007

cooking along... 30 weeks, 6 days

I have finally added a few recent pics to the belly picture collection, if anybody is interested in viewing the expanding girth. It's getting big!

Last night was the last in our multiples class series. The subject of the last class focused on infant care and breastfeeding. I was slightly disappointed, because I was hoping that the breastfeeding portion would focus more on what is different about nursing multiples - but it really was just about basic breastfeeding. Oh well. That was good info to have, and I guess we'll figure out the two-at-a-time method that works for us. Supposedly with multiples we are guaranteed a visit from the lactation consultant in the hospital, so we can work out the double feeing technique then.

The other real surprise in the class - was the basic, basic questions that several of the couples were asking about infant care. I guess I just figured that by the time you get into your 30s you have had some exposure to infants, or you've at least read some books on the topic when you found out you were pregnant (didn't we all run out and buy those books??). But seriously - some of these people were shockingly clueless about the basics. I feel sorry for them - they are in for a big, big shock when they have to take care of these babies. One woman asked how many days can the baby wear the same sleeper. huh? do you wear the same outfit for days in a row? and you're not even spitting on yourself and peeing/pooping your pants. So why on earth would you think that a baby would be able to wear one sleeper for a few days in a row? Another couple just could not get over the concept that you had to change the diaper so often - especially the wife - it's like she was thinking that maybe they go once or twice a day or something. She just was shocked that she was going to be expected to change so many diapers. And this was one of the couples with triplets - so this pair is realy in for a rough time. I could go on, but you get the picture. J and I walked out of there just amazed at how uninformed so many of them were. We're feeling pretty solidly prepared to take on this challenge - but after 6 weeks of class, I think at least half the couples in our class still had the 'deer in the headlights' looks of terror on their faces.

Monday night we also had our infant CPR and safety class. Great class. J and I have both had CPR training in years past - and let me tell you - it has all changed. If you think you know CPR, but haven't had a refresher in less than 5 years - then you don't know CPR. Everything is different now.

Half the class was the CPR training. The other half was safety. Car seat basics (we're taking a specific car seat class in a few weeks), crib safety, info about SIDS, etc. All very good info - most of it is common sense, but good to have it reinforced. They know so much more about SIDS now than they did years ago.

I also find that these classes are especially good for J - partly because I think it helps him feel more involved in this whole experience. And he has two older children (20 and 21), and sometimes he used to get an attitude like he knew all he needed to know about babies. So it's good for him to realize how much has changed in 20 years. It's much better for him to hear this from other people, vs. me telling him. If I tell him the stuff, then he thinks I'm talking down to him or telling him that he's wrong - so hearing these things from a certified instructor takes a lot of the pressure off of me. And he has really been amazed at the new things he's learned.

I think I have chosen a pediatrician. The choosing process is a little strange - because there's no pre-registration or anything. Basically you just show up at the hospital to give birth, and you give them the name of the doctor you have chosen for your baby. This doctor does not meet with you ahead of time, but the doctor and the whole clinic come very highly recommended from lots of people, so I feel comfortable with our choice. So that's a big one checked off the list.

Today I'm feeling like a growth spurt is happening - I've got that tight, stretched feeling that I haven't had in a while. I feel like my belly could split open. Laying down in bed this evening will feel good.

These babies are so busy. The move at the same time often. It usually doesn't hurt, except for the sharp kick on the cervix that I get once or twice a day. But by the end of the day it does kind of wear me out - having little people dance on your intestines all day can make you a bit weary after a while. But I still love to feel it, and I think I will miss this feeling when they are out of me. I can't resist putting my hand on my belly and feeling them move.

We had yet another good OB check yesterday - cervix still holding steady. The babies seem to be a little lower - there was actually some debate about which is lower, baby B's (left) head might be down farther than A's (right) breech body right now. But we have a detailed u/s on monday which will give us a clearer answer - and then the following week we will discuss delivery plans with the doctor, based on what he sees from the u/s report. I'm over the whole c-section anxiety. I decided that since this pregnancy is going so well, I really have nothing to complain about. If a c-section ends up being my biggest worry - then really I'm getting off easy. So I'm ok with it. Watch - they'll probably turn - now that I've decided it doesn't matter.

My belly measured at 37cm yesterday - so I'm as big as a 37 week singleton pregnancy. Today I feel that big. Most days I don't. But everywhere I go people tell me I look great - particularly when they find out I'm carrying twins.

We have found someone to cover for me at work while I'm out on maternity leave. That's a big relief! And in the small world category - it's actually a guy that I worked for about 8 or 9 years ago. He left our company a few years back, and now does contract/consulting work. My boss wanted someone experienced who could just come in and not have to be managed - and he's definitely that person. We're going to have him start part time in the first week of September - so that will mean that I can start to wind things down and maybe just work part time until the babies are born. I do think I'll go to the end of September, but I can already see that coming in to work and sitting at this desk is going to get less and less comfortable.

Oh - and yes - I have started in on the thank you notes. 8 down. about 30 to go. I will work on some tonight.

My one big (relatively) worry... I'm not worried about the rest of the pregnancy, or the birth, or learning how to handle two babies. What I am worried about is having our mothers under foot in our house. My mom will be here for about a week, then J's mom for two weeks, then my mom again for 2 weeks. I'm very worried that in our sleep deprived states we are going to get annoyed with them very quickly. They both are - as mothers tend to be - very opinionated, and somewhat judgemental. I'm sure they will have opinions on how we choose to do things. And I'm sure they will do things around our house that is not how we do it. We get along well generally, but J and I tend to be somewhat loners, very private people. We're not used to having people in our house for extended periods of time. But I know we will need the help. So we need to just suck it up and put up with them. But I'm worried that one of us will lose our temper and say something we will regret...


Heather said...

I can't believe about the folks having multiples being so clueless this far along in the game! Are they in for an eye opener!

Good luck the next few weeks and especially when you have the mothers around. It's a double edged sword. It's great to have the help, but you'll end up spending weeks after they are gone trying to figure out where they put your favorite spatula away when they emptied the dishwasher!

seattlegal said...

We had a visit from the lactation person and we were at the same hospital you're going to.

Amazing the questions people ask! There were some interesting ones at the UW multiples class we went to. A friend of mine was in the same class as you - she's having boy/girl twins. I doubt she asked those sort of questions though!

Having help is great though it can be hard having others live with you for a while. I was glad I had help while at the same time, I wanted my space back! Today, I have a helper and it has been really good - I was able to take a nap!

Anonymous said...

The belly is getting big, but you look great!

I don't know what I would do if my mother was going to stay with me. I think I would have to stay in a hotel!

Jaimie said...

People never cease to amaze me! It isn't how many days can a baby wear one sleeper but how many sleepers can one baby wear in a day with the things that come projecting out!

I remember visiting my sister when she had her first baby. He cried and cried and cried. My mom was there with me and we wanted to help. We just wanted them to have a break because we knew they were so tired. They, a bit forcefully, told us no that they needed to figure it out themselves. I know my mom was a bit miffed for a minute, but we respected their wanting to be able to do things on their own. I know it will be a huge adjustment having two new personalities in the house and then add the stress of "guests." As hard as it is, just try to set some boundries and they will have to live with your rules. Good luck and hopefully they will really be of help to you!

Bea said...

It all sounds good.

But yes - people amaze me with their cluelessness! (It really irritates me when formerly clueless new parents assume the whole childless world is as clueless as they were five minutes ago, too - but that's another rant.)

I'm sure with twins around, you'll lose the inclination to worry about guests pretty quickly. I hope they can respect that!


imagoii said...

ack! that's my big worry too! How do we deal with 4-6 adults, a newborn, and 2 dogs in about 500 sq ft of living area? I too am afraid that we will lose our tempers and say something we'll regret.... Good luck ... I know we're going to need it too!

DementedM said...

I believe how clueless some people are. I keep running into pg threads online where it's clear people gave up reading and critical thinking the second they graduated High School. I don't know, maybe IF challenges our preconceptions more and we're more aware of what we don't know. I know I have a bajillion books on pg and infants.

And I am only having one baby, but I think we share the same due date.


Sarah said...

oh my, that looks very uncomfortable! glad to hear you're still enjoying being pregnant (for the most part), becausehot se bigger belly shots are startying to scare me a little!

i have the same concerns about the mothers. i am certain i will get annoyed, but maybe in the face of how much help i need i will surprise myself with my patience and gratitude?

Matthew M. F. Miller said...

So many people don't think or plan for the ramifications of children, let alone multiples. Too funny, though.

Sounds like you're on top of the ball, as usual!