Friday, September 14, 2007

just the facts... 36 weeks 1 day

I actually do have some updates....

On tuesday - we had an ultrasound, NST and visit with the OB. So here's the latest:

  • Baby A is still breech
  • Baby A weighs about 6 lbs.
  • Baby B is coming in at 6 lbs, 4 oz.
  • The fluid levels on both babies are looking a little low. A's fluid was low last time too, and it was described as 'stable' this time - still low, but no lower than before. B's fluid is also a bit low now too. The doc says they are both still within the normal range, just at the low end. He is not too concerned because don't have any of the issues that can be associated with low fluid - the babies are still growing well, and their heart rates are great. (but, another good reason to go ahead and deliver at 37 weeks, if they're mature.... see below)
  • We passed the NST again with flying colors - both babies heart rates look good, no decelerations. I had one contraction, but nothing major.
  • Blood pressure is still great.
  • Cervix is still long and tight.
  • As of today, I have gained 39 lbs. that's up about 15 lbs in the past 3-ish weeks. I did not have any fluid retention issues the whole pregnancy, until a few weeks ago. I didn't gain any weight at all for several weeks, and then all of a sudden it shot up. And I noticed right around the same time that I was having a bit of swelling in my feet and hands. Nothing bad though.
  • I still mostly feel fine. I just get totally exhausted if I do too much, and/or if I don't get a nap. My body aches a bit more - the knees and hips and feet are feeling the extra weight. By belly gets uncomfortable if I've been up and around for a while. Laying down on my side feels the best. I still sleep comfortably (with lots of pillows), but I wake up a lot. Shifting positions is a full body exercise. I've been getting some acid reflux at night - but an OTC pill takes care of that, and the doc said it was just fine to take.
  • These babies have not slowed down their movement at all. It's a crazy party in there. My belly is not at all symmetrical, there is always something bulging out somewhere. They both get the hiccups regularly, which is pretty wild. Baby A was hiccuping during the NST on tuesday, it sounded pretty funny.
  • We still have our short list of names. Problem is when you stare at them too long you start to second guess your choices. But I think we're still sticking with the list.
  • My belly is HUGE. J and I just laugh at it. But everyone still tells me that I look great. Are they just saying that to make me feel good? Actually, I do think I look pretty ok for being 36 weeks pregnant with twins - it really is all baby, I haven't really gained weight anywhere else, except for the above mentioned slight foot swelling. I will try to post some final belly pics sometime in the next week.
  • I'm done working. I've told my maternity replacement that I'm available if he has questions next week, but as far as everyone else is concerned, I'm gone. I'm looking forward to having a few days to just rest and pamper myself a bit, and not think about work.

So what's next?

  • (probably) our last OB visit and NST on tuesday - the 18th. At this visit we will discuss the c-section procedure in detail, sign consent forms, etc.
  • I have a facial scheduled for tuesday afternoon. a little pampering for mom is appropriate, don't you think. I scheduled the 90 minute one - that comes with the hand and foot massage.
  • I also have a mani/pedi scheduled for thursday.
  • We have the c-section scheduled for 12:30 pst on friday, the 21st. 37 weeks 1 day. One week from today.
  • But.... the doc wants to do an amnio to confirm lung maturity before we deliver. He said the Peri's are now recommending that you confirm lung maturity if you deliver before 38 weeks. So - the amnio is scheduled for 8:50 friday morning. They will run it stat and call us w/in an hour or so with the results. If it confirms that the lungs are mature, then we will go forward with the delivery that afternoon. If it says that the lungs aren't mature, then the delivery is cancelled and we cook for a few more days.

My grandmother continues her predictions - she says that "the girls" will be born on the 19th. Gosh I hope not - I need that pedicure on the 20th!

So that's the facts.

What about mentally? emotionally?

We're good. We're ready. J says every day how excited he is, and how he wants the babies to be here now. I am really looking forward to meeting them. I want to see what their little personalities are - and to connect their movements in the womb to who they are on the outside. But I think I will also miss being pregnant. I love feeling them move inside me, and knowing they are here with me all the time. I've tried to enjoy every minute of it. I've tried to really absorb and remember what this feels like, what a miracle it is. I've tried to not ever complain about the little aches and pains, because it's all worth it. I never wanted to be one of those women who complained about being pregnant. People will ask me "aren't you miserable?". No - I'm not - I'm so happy. I've tried to never wish this pregnancy to go by fast. But it does seems like it's gone by fast. I can't believe in just one week it will be over. Probably forever. Will I ever get to experience this again? I don't know. Two is probably enough for us. Certainly financially it's enough. But we'll see how we feel in a year or two.

I guess that's it for now...


Stephanie said...

Wow, you sound great! HOpe everything happens according to the plan. good luck!

Jaimie said...

Congratulations! I'm glad things are going so well. My swelling got WAY worse after I delivered and took close to a week to go away. Then it all went at once - I was up at least every hour to go to the bathroom, but the next morning I felt like I had beautiful ankles. That is something I have NEVER said in my life. I guess I just was happy that I had ankles again, even mine!

Thalia said...

Sounds like everything is spot on.

I do know what you mean abuot being pregnant. I have had some aches and pains but mostly it's just wonderful. I will miss it too.

The Dunn Family said...

I had a tough pregnancy, I lot of pains, a lot of scares, a lot of pre-term labor hospital visits. I finally delivered at 36w3d. I wished away my entire pregnancy. Not because I didn't want to be pregnant, but because I was scared and wanted to have the babies in my arms and know that they were healthy. I was so happy they were here. And then I cried my eyes out the first time I saw a pregnant women. I missed it! Especially because I knew I would probably never experience it again. Or maybe it was all the insane post-pregnancy hormones. I'm glad that you were able to really enjoy and appreciate your pregnancy! I wish I had been able to. I can't believe it's only a week away! It's so amazing. Take care!

A said...

You're so close...and you sound ready :) I love that you've loved being pregnant, I know what you mean! And I'm sure you'll miss it, but how wonderful that you got to really experience it and enjoy it while it was happening...good luck, I'm thinking of you!

Heather said...

Wow! I can't imagine getting that far along with twins. I only carried our singleton DD to 36.5 weeks and I felt huge!!! Congratulations on making it that far and good luck these next few weeks. Hope you can get that pedicure in before they come.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your last week of pregnancy. And enjoy the mani/pedi and facial - you deserve it!

Hopeful Mother said...

I am so excited that you are so close to delivery.

It sounds like you and I are having similar pregnancies - even to the end! My Baby B flipped breech, and I think our Peri is also recommending an amnio to confirm maturity at 37 weeks due to lower amniotic fluid in Baby A's sac, before delivery. I'm a little bit nervous about that.

So, I'm using you as my role model here - if you can do it, I can do it!!!

I feel the same way about being pregnant - it has been a wonderful experience and there are a lot of things I will miss about it.

Congratulations - I will be watching your blog closely for updates next week!!!

Sarah said...

wow, i can't believe the big moment is almost here! you sound fantastic. i need to really work on enjoying this moment in time more and not being in such a hurry for the next thing. you've inspired me! (it should last for at least an hour)

amazing that they can determine lung maturity by amnio! i had no idea. best wishes on all the plans. the pampering is most definitely in order!