Monday, November 05, 2007

Six weeks and...

Daniel and Callie were six weeks old on Friday. The books all say that around the six week mark is when the sleep patterns start to change - that they spend more time awake and alert during the day, and maybe start sleeping a little more at night.

This is definitely what we are seeing with Daniel - the last few days he has been much more awake and alert during the day. He grunts and coos, and occasionally tries on a smile. He also wants to be held a lot, which can be a little challenging if you want to get anything done. But he's so cute and it's so neat that he's starting to interact with us a little bit. And we have had a few night time sleeps that are a bit longer than three hours. Up until now he was our three hour man, no more. But friday night he slept four and a half hours once, and last night he did about 3:45. Baby steps. It's not much, but every little bit of extra sleep makes a big difference for us.

Callie is still our little sleeper for the most part. She is awake a bit more during the day, but she still sleeps a lot more than her brother.

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