Friday, November 02, 2007

We survived the week.

My first week on my own with the babies. So how did I do?

I think I did ok. We didn’t have any major melt downs – by them or me. But I didn’t get much rest either. I think this business of “you sleep when the baby sleeps” is BS. It’s not really possible. During the day they don’t do a ton of sleeping at the same time. And when they do – usually for a couple hours in the morning – it’s a mad dash to get everything done that I need to: get myself somewhat cleaned up, eat, wash bottles, pump, start laundry. Now you might say that some of these things can wait – but really they can’t. I need the bottles for feeding (I am breastfeeding the twins, but we also do a lot of bottles so that Jim can share the feeding), and I need the diaper covers washed (yes, we are using cloth diapers, I’m happy with our choice, more on that in another post). I have gotten more of both in the last few days, so we have more of each to last a bit longer if I don’t get it all done every day – but it does need to be done most days.

And I think we are hitting that 6 week stage of having more awake time during the day, as both babies didn’t spend much time asleep during the day after their morning sleep this week. So there’s really no chance for me to get an afternoon nap.

I do think I’m managing ok despite the fact that I’m not getting a nap. I’m wiped out by the end of the day, but by morning I feel pretty good. Even though I’m only getting sleep about 3 hours at a time. The good news is that it used to take me a long time to fall asleep, and that’s really no longer the case. It’s funny really – I used to think that I couldn’t survive on less than 8 hours of sleep, but I find myself doing surprisingly well on much less.

I also will say that I don’t totally mind that they don’t sleep at the same time. It gives me a chance to have 1:1 time with each of them, which with two babies that is a bit rare. A proud as I am about being able to tandem breastfeed (both at the same time), I do also enjoy having time to feed each of the separately – to take time to gaze at them and talk to them individually.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Hi and that I'm so glad you are keeping your blog going. I was following your blog throughout, our twins were due about the same time as yours (10/17) and we ended up inducing on 9/26. Daniel and Callie are just beautiful, and I am having many of the same experiences you are...especially with it's nice to know I have company out there :-)