Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a few new things

A few new things:


-          Callie is making mmm sounds.  Ma.  Mamamama.  Not like she’s saying mama, but just making the sound.

-          Daniel’s current favorite sound is na.  nnnna.

-          Callie definitely knows her name – if you say her name she turns her head and smiles at you.

-          And I think Daniel might think his name is Callie too.  He doesn’t really reply to Daniel, but he does sometimes turn his head and smiles when you say Callie.

-          I think Daniel might be giving me kisses.  When I hold him close to my face, he turns his head and puts his mouth on my cheek.  It’s very wet.  Maybe it’s not kisses exactly, maybe he’s just tasting me.  Although I did just read in one of my baby newsletters that some babies start giving kisses around this age. 

-          Callie is passing an item from one hand to the other.

-          Callie is rolling both directions pretty well.  She’s very interested in reaching for a toy, and will roll to try and get it, but she hasn’t figured out any other kind of scooting yet. 

-          Daniel seems pretty content on his back or tummy these days.  He’s getting pretty good at holding and chewing on a toy while on his tummy, so I guess he doesn’t see much need to roll over.  He does these amazing leg lifts – laying on his back, he will hold both legs straight out and lift them up over and over again – I can’t imagine the ab muscles that takes. Babies are amazing.


Remember I said I wasn’t making my own prunes or applesauce – that I thought it easier to just buy that stuff?  Well – I made them.  All this talk of the plastics has gotten me just a little nervous.  I replaced all of our baby bottles already. I know they are saying that the plastic that the baby food comes in is safe, but still it makes me wonder.  So I am figuring that if I can do it another way without a whole lot of hassle, then I will try. Better safe than sorry.  My babies are worth a bit of hassle.  And really it was easy.  The prunes I just soaked in some hot water and then tossed in the food processer and blended up.  The apples I put in a pot on the stove with some water, cooked until really soft, and then pureed with the hand blender.  Easy.  And quite tasty.


We also have now tried Mango – cooked and pureed as well.  That’s really yummy.  Blend with some ice and rum and we might really have something!


And we’ve started to test out a few more ‘solid’ solids.  These babies still prefer the pureed, and we’ll stick with that as our main foods for a while.   But we will try a few more firm things as well.  Currently they seem to like the feel of it in their mouths, they ‘chew’ and suck, but then start to gag when it comes to swallowing or moving it more toward the back of their mouths.  I’ve given bites of soft avocado to Daniel, he did ok with that.  And Callie has had banana and watermelon.  She liked both for a while, but then spit out and/or gagged.  And the last couple days we put a few cheerios on their tray.  This mostly did not make it in the mouth, it’s just something to mess with on the tray, and practice picking up.



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Did I already suggest you add a "recipes" label to these posts for my own, personal, future reference? ;)