Monday, April 21, 2008

whoa, 7 months old!

Well once again another month has breezed by.  My sweet babies are 7 months old today.  And what fun they are.


They are continuing to be good eaters, we haven’t added any new foods lately, I need to figure out what our next move is there.  I think Callie might be ready for some finger foods soon.  She is very grabby.  She likes to grab at everything and put it in her mouth, so it probably makes sense to give her some food items to try that with, rather than her current choices of phone, tv remote, glasses, and other non baby items.


Callie has some new sounds – mmm, ma, ba are among her new favorites.  And her growling continues, along with something sounds like she’s talking like a pirate.  It’s cute, in a sort of scary way.  She’ll roll both directions, and she can rotate herself around on the floor pretty good – I will find her pointing the opposite direction of where I left her.  She plays by herself very well too – as long as she doesn’t see us, she will entertain herself well with toys.  But once she sees us, then of course she wants to be picked up.


Danny continues to be a few weeks behind his sister on the physical front.  Not as interested in grabbing yet, although showing progress with his hands these last few days especially.  And not quite rolling yet.  He’s generally too busy talking.  All talk, no action.


I think Danny has a sense of humor.  Sometimes it seems like he’s telling jokes.  He’ll be babbling away, and then flash a big grin and crack up.  He thinks he’s really funny.  And he’s still loving his jumper.  Jim says he jump like a cartoon rabbit.  It’s totally true – his little legs look like their dancing.  He keeps us very entertained.  He has the brightest face when he wakes up in the morning – he is so happy to greet the day.  Mornings are his best time, he’s so talkative and happy.  We are not sure where this comes from, and neither of us are morning people.  Callie is more like me, she takes her time and wakes up slowly.


So here’s an interesting ‘twin’ thing:  this weekend we put them down for a nap in separate cribs.  It just seemed like they were both pretty wound up and we thought they would keep each other awake with the crib pounding.  (they both will raise up their legs and then slam them back down on the crib).  Callie just would not settle down, which is unusual for her lately.  She was very upset every time I would walk out of the room.  Danny was just laying over in his crib watching her.  Well, after about 3 or 4 times going in and trying to calm her down, I decided to see what would happen if I moved him back over in to the crib with her.  I move her over, laid him down.  She turned her head to look at him, I walked out of the room.  And it was quiet.  They both went to sleep. 


They are going to be such best friends, that is so special for them.






The Dunn Family said...

Wow! 7 months already! Where the heck did the time go?

Unfortunately, I hate to tell you, but finger foods don't help! My twins favorite things in the world are still our phone, the tv remote, my glasses, and any jewelry I happen to be wearing! Be careful with the phone! My daughter called 911 recently!

Bea said...

Pretty cool about the twin thing at the end there.


Kelly said...

We're just a couple weeks behind you and my little gal growls too! All. The. Time.

Jaimie said...

I've had to have one of the hinges on my glasses replaced because Jake pulls them off so much and so fast! The jumper is my best friend at the moment. I don't know how I would get anything done with out it.

I like the twin thing. That is sweet! I hope she always likes her brother that much.

Jaimie said...

My goodness, Callie has the most gorgeous eyelashes! What a lucky girl!