Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I have an addiction

I have a baby carrier addiction.  You'd think I was hauling these babies around with me 24/7, with the number of different carriers I have.  But no, it's just occasionally on evenings and weekends and when traveling.  I just keep finding a carrier I like better than the last. 
First we started with obligatory standard carrier that everybody gets before they know any better.  I registered for these and got two for shower gifts.  They were fine when the babies were really small, but once they started to put some weight on, this really started to hurt my back.  But Jim still likes this - he's a traditional guy.
Also while I was pregnant I ordered one of these twin carriers. I don't know, I guess we had grand visions of carrying two babies at the same time.  Silly.  The thing is, it's not really a double carrier.  It's two carriers that you can wear at the same time and hook together.  It's kind of a complicated contraption.  I tried it on and wore around the house once when the babies were little, but otherwise I have never used it.  I don't think it's realistic to think you'd carry them at the same time, or certainly not often enough to justify buying this thing. 
So then I decided I wanted a sling. 
I got this kind.  I like it a lot.  It's comfortable, the baby feels very close and secure.  It was great in a cradle position when they were smaller.  And now it's great for a hip carry.  It rolls up small and lives in my diaper bag.  Definitely a staple item for me.  My sister even saw it and loved mine enough that she went out and bought one. 
But of course I am indecisive.  I had also read great review of this one - so I got it too.  I think maybe the one I got is too big.  It hangs a little too low.  I've used it around the house, but haven't taken it out.  I don't think it's cut right to use in a hip carry, or maybe because mine is just too big.  So I'm not using it much these days.
And then my sister got one of these.  And I had baby carrier envy.  So I went out and bought one too.  I really love this thing.  I used it a lot in our recent trips to DC and San Diego - great for hiking through an airport.  It's great for travel because that little pocket on the front is perfect for holding some money, my ID, chapstick, burp cloth, pacifier, etc. - all the little stuff I'd want within reach. It's comfortable front and back for me, and the babies like it too.  They sleep great in it.  I've used it in the normal inward facing position, in a hip carry, and in a cradle position.  And I've even nursed while wearing it.  It's comfortable because most of the weight is on my hips instead of my shoulders.  It's cool.
I thought I had reached baby carrier nirvana.  Complete and satisfied. 
But darn it - now Karen has gone and gotten one of these - and I really want one!  It has the benefit of the weight on the hips like the one above that I like - but it's so cute, and seems like a very simple design.  Darn you Karen - I have baby carrier envy again!  what to do?


GLouise said...

I love slings, too! I just don't wear them as often as I should. Is there a baby wearing mama's group in your area? They are super helpful here.

I was lusting after a mei tai myself, maybe would make a good birthday present??

Rachel said...

I love reading posts like this - they are so very, very helpful to those of us who are just starting to thing about supplies. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sooo...if you could only have one (or two) baby carriers, which ones would you choose? I'm asking this as a mom of 5 month old twins myself. I have two baby bjorns (hand me downs) which I find to be a bit flimsy and I'm in the market for something new.

Karen said...

Like I said before, I hate the bjorn, I hate the hotsling. I love the mei tai. I know the ergo ROCKS, though I don't have one myself.

I think if you've got an ergo, you're probably good. And whoa, waitaminute, YOU WERE IN DC AND DIDN'T TELL ME??? HELLO?? I LIVE 3 MILES FROM DC!