Monday, May 12, 2008

a little bit of news

Well here’s a piece of news that I thought I’d share, I hope you don’t mind.


Hopefully you remember my angel of a sister – formerly referred to just as C, but now you know her name is Callie – and my darling baby girl is named after her.


She got married in March.  And a week later found out she was pregnant!  We knew the girl was fertile, we just didn’t know how fertile she was – she only stopped taking the pill a few weeks before her wedding.  J


This is one pregnancy announcement that doesn’t make me the least bit jealous.  I’m so happy for her.   She gave me the most beautiful gift a sister could ever give – and I wish her all the happiness, and I would have never wished her to go through any of the anguish that I had to endure to get pregnant.  I think she’s a little shell shocked still – I think after all the talk of infertility that she had to endure from me, she probably figured that it’s not possible to get pregnant right away and assumed it would at least take her a few months.  But I’m so glad it didn’t, I’m so glad that she didn’t have to experience any of the monthly sadness that I had to experience.


Of course the silver lining to infertility is that by the time you finally get a baby, you’ve been thinking and planning for so long that you are totally ready for it – at least that was the case with me.  When you get pregnant right away and have spent very little time planning for it, it’s a little overwhelming.  Ah, but there are worse problems to have…


She’s been feeling pretty crummy – very similar in fact to how I felt the first trimester – just yucky and super tired all the time.  But she’s 11.5 weeks now and she’s just starting to feel a little better. 


When my babies were born, and on the one year anniversary of our egg retrieval, my wish for her was that she would have a baby of her own so that she could understand the love I feel for my precious babies.  So that she would feel this love and then she would really understand the magnitude of the gift she gave me.  I know that she knew what she was doing for me was huge, but I don’t think she could really understand how huge until she holds her own baby in her arms and knows that love that she will feel for it.  Then she will understand what she gave me, and she will understand how it’s a gift I can never repay.  And now that wish is coming true for us, and that makes me so happy.


Also I’m really curious to see just how much our babies will look alike.  It will be interesting. 


Anonymous said...

This is one of the most exciting pregnancy announcements I have heard! Your sister is amazing. I wish her nothing but happiness.

Bea said...

That's so sweet. Can't wait til she gains this new perspective on her gift to you.


Karen said...

That's just fabulous, Carol. I'm so happy for you both.

Rachel Inbar said...

Wow :-) I can only imagine how happy you are for her... and it must feel wonderful to feel such happiness for someone else's pregnancy.

Matthew M. F. Miller said...

Great news!! What an amazing time for both of you. Congrats to your whole family.