Saturday, May 10, 2008

more on what's safe and what's not

Following up on this thread about what's safe to give them:

Cat - the teething biscuits I have are made of barley, not wheat. Not sure where you live, but maybe you can look for some made of barley.

And I just got a new little treat - Baby Mum Mums. Ok, they're not organic, but Callie thinks they are yummy! They're mostly made of rice - they're like a baby rice cracker. They do contain a little sugar, so I won't give them too often. But it's a nice treat, a great way to keep her occupied in her high chair while I'm making dinner, and way less messy than the teething biscuits.

And about the mixing cereal with the other stuff - yes, I do see that point. And actually I always make sure that whenever I introduce a new food I give it by itself. And even though I often do mix it with the cereal, I also try to regularly give them each thing alone too - because I do agree that they should learn to like the things without the cereal.

Another one I forgot before - the water. Supposedly tap water is full of all kinds of nasty stuff. But if you give them bottled water then they don't get the flouride (here in the States they put flouride in our tap water, supposed to be good for growing teeth). So you really can't win on that one too. I try to use tap water, and put it through a filter. I don't know if I'm filtering out all the bad stuff, or maybe I'm filtering out the good stuff too.

ah well, I guess we just do our best.


Jaimie said...

Jake LOVED the mum mums but I had to give them away since they have milk. He always made a mess of them but he really loved them. They would keep him happy for awhile too.

Thalia said...

Seems we have very different guidelines in the Uk on what you can give them when. Wheat etc is fine from six months here.

Re water, I use filtered water and boil it then let it cool. She seems to really enjoy it.

We have rice cakes here which have apple powder in them, but no added sugar. Pob loves them, and they're organic. Maybe you can find something similar for yours?