Thursday, May 08, 2008

seriously, is nothing safe these days?

So Cat's comment got me thinking. Or I guess I was already thinking, just not talking about it.

But is anything a good idea these days? They tell us everything is not safe.

Fruits and Veggies may be covered in pesticides

Bottles/Plastic sippy cups leach toxins

Toys may be covered w/lead

Cleaning supplies may be full of deadly chemicals

TV may lead to ADHD

Vaccines may cause Autism

phalates in lotions and shampoos

rice is full of pesticides

wheat causes allergies

and now teething biscuits are not ok?

and you can't mix cereal with EBM?

What else is there? Tell me your worst.

We used to think that what we didn't know couldn't hurt us. Seems that this is no longer true.

I want to do the very best by my babies. I try to give them everything organic (but now I read articles that say this is overkill). There are no bumpers or loose blankets in their crib (but without bumpers they can get their limbs caught). They have tummy time. I switched to BPA free bottles (but still plastic - bad me). I give them vitamins (but now that's controversial). They are exclusively breastfed (although I do drink the occasional wine, and am still drinking out of a BPA containing water bottle - so I'm probably still poisoning them).

Why are the teething biscuits not ok?? And I'd definitely never heard the one about mixing the EBM with the cereal - everybody I know does this. What's wrong with it?


Nickie said...

huh? you aren't supposed to mix BM and cereal? huh?

Bea said...

When I was born, my mother received a barage of advice from nurses at the baby clinic, telling her she was doing everything wrong. Then one week she was told not to put me in a bouncer or my head would fall off or something.

The very next week another nurse told me my torso would explode because she wasn't putting me in the bouncer.

After that she never went back to the nurse clinic. Instead, she went to a paed who rolled his eyes and told her just to use her common sense.



Cat said...

I think the not mixing EBM and cereal is just to introduce baby to what things really taste like with the end result being in baby eating what the family eats, not special food. You can either do that from the start ( my babies seem fine with the veggies just as is) or move there eventually.I don't think it is a health issue.

The teething biscuits is due to wheat - apparently not suppose to eat wheat before a year as so many people are allergic to wheat. But maybe the biscuits in the US is different than here?

I feel just as you do - we want to do what's best but it is all so confusing. Apparently the autism and innoculation thing was a study that was fraught with mistakes and assumptions and one can rest assured that innoculations does not cause autism.

I am now switching to butter in stead of of margarine but am also not sure if this is the right thing. Agggh! Al so confusing - like a minefield.

Jaimie said...

I tried taking the bumper pad out of Jake's crib but he moves around a ton and got his leg stuck out of it. It was awful and my husband was so mad at me. I mean he got it stuck! I don't know how long it was out before he screamed but the blood flow was impaired.

What about the milk in cereal? I was specifically told to start the cereal that way to make the transition to food easier. I usually don't mix it with milk now but use pear juice or puree instead to help with his fruit intake.