Thursday, May 22, 2008

still figuring out twitter

So I'm still figuring out this twitter thing. I'm using it. It's kind of fun. It's a good way to get a quick thought off my mind when I don't feel like writing a whole blog post. Sometimes you just need to get something out - then there, it's said, and you feel better. So that's cool.

but a few people added me to follow - people who have like 37,000 people they are following. Could that be real? or are these spammers? I'm leery of having someone follow me who is following that many people. And especially because all three of those people also didn't have a blog link in their profile - so who are they? so I blocked them. Sorry. I need to be able to check out who you are.

But the rest of you - the ones who come here, and read my posts and even occasionally comment - if you're on twitter, go ahead and add me. I won't block you if you seem real. You can read my crazy thoughts that I feel like gettng off my chest.

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