Monday, November 17, 2008

does this make me a bad mother?

would a good mother prioritize taking this photo - instead of getting her poor kid out of the seat ASAP?

Apologies for the shit quality picture - it was taken with my phone (which is new as supposedly has a great quality camera, but I have yet to figure out how to take 'great quality' pictures with it). anyway....

Poor little Danny was awake most of friday night, crying and obiously not feeling well. We weren't sure what was wrong, we had spent the night on our boat, and we weren't sure if it was the unfamiliar environment, or the fact that I forgot his blankie and dog at home, or if he was sick or what. Until on our way home mid-day Saturday, we heard that tell-tale wet burp sound that always precedes his barfing. And we both look back in the mirror just in time to see him spew what seems like a liter or more of barf - it came in about 4 or 5 geysers. His carseat was literally full of barf. And it was all over the seat of the car (yes, the new car) which fortunately was covered by one of those protective mats, but some of it still got out and onto the seat and the door sill. I'm not sure I've ever seen so much barf.

And of course, bad mother that I am, I had to take a picture. It's easiest in this situation to just unlatch the carseat and set it in the driveway, and then slowly try to peel him out of the barfy clothes and the seat. gross.

Fortunately we were just about a quarter mile from home when it happened. What do you do if this happens when you're on a long road trip? We were pondering this the rest of the weekend. what if we had been halfway across the mountains to grandma's house? I guess you'd have to just clean it up as best you can and put the poor baby back in a barf soaked seat. yuck.

He was obviously feeling off the rest of the weekend, and had a bit of a fever, but only barfed the once. He seems to be feeling much better today.

In other news... Callie pooped in the potty 5 times this weekend. I really had no intention of potty training this early, but she's just sort of doing it. She gets a huge kick out of sitting on her little potty while I go to the bathroom. So all weekend long I pretty much just took her in the bathroom with me when I had to go. And about 75% of the time she went too. So I guess maybe she's potty training herself. wow.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, our boy is up there with your Daniel -- he spewed an amount today that I didn't know could have even fit in his body! Unfortunately, his sister is beginning to look like she's headed that path too. I'm expecting another sleepless night on barf patrol: pyjama/sheet changes and all-night laundry.

Good job on the potty for Callie! I think I'm jealous.

Heather said...

Wow! She's potty training herself, I agree. Hey you go with what you're given. If you get lucky in that realm, you get buckets of barf from the other. I think it's the balance of nature. You had to take that pic first. No one would believe you otherwise! So sorry his tummy hurt. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Poor little guy, and poor mommy for having to clean it up. That is absolutely amazing about Callie, I didn't even think it was possible this early. And great news on the progress with Danny, and congrats to your sister!

Suggestion re. the carseat...when we moved the girls to their big-girl carseats I found some soft carseat covers at Walmart (I normally hate shopping there but they were the only place I'd seen these seat covers). They are a very soft velour and fit over the carseat like a slipcover, with holes for the straps, buckle and adjustment button. That way if he puked during a long ride you could just take off the cover for the rest of the ride...good luck and I hope he feels better soon...Michele in Atlanta

cat said...

Ah yes, I had the potty training herself thing with The Little Miss and then went full out for it on advice of the nurse - she said if yo miss the window of oppertunity they give you, they might not willingly do it on another time. So you go girl!

On a long trip make sure you have plenty of extra water in a bottle, an old towel or two, baby shampoo have many useses and anti-septic like Dettol or Savlon (not sure re. tradenames at your side of the world). It completely removes the smell and help clening up.

Jamie said...

No, it means you're a mother with a sense of humor. Either that or we're both going to hell...(

Rebecca said...'re lucky on the potty training thing. I don't think you're a bad mother for taking the picture first...posterity is hard to come by these days! I think it makes you a funny mother!