Wednesday, November 19, 2008

is it starve the fever, or feed it? I can't remember

that old saying, how does it go? Starve a fever, feed a cold? or Starve a cold, feed a fever?

I'm finally coming down with that cold that I thought I was successfully fighting up for the last couple weeks. And I'm sure hungry today. Since I'm still nursing I can't really take anything, so I'm just trying to hydrate, drink tea, etc. Any suggestions other non-medicated remedies that work well for you would be most welcome.

In unrelated news...

Yesterday was Danny's appointment at the developmental clinic at Children's Hospital. We were a little underwhelmed. I guess based on what our pedi said, we were expecting a more thorough evaluation. But basically they did a pretty similar eval to what our PT had already done, and pronounced that yes, he is developmentally delayed. But pretty sure we already knew that. They don't believe there is any medical reason or underlying cause - so I guess that's good news. And while we certainly don't want there to be anything wrong with our kid, it is a little frustrating to not have an explanation for why he is delayed. But I think we've exhausted our resources for answering that question. Everyone agrees that he is a healthy, normal kid, who is just developmentally behind and should do just fine with the right combination of therapies.

They recommended that we get him in to the 0-3 program, or early intervention. There is a clinic very near our house that is very highly thought of for this - he'll probably quality for a combination of PT, OT and ST. We could choose to stick with our current PT and just get him the extra stuff at this other clinic, or we could move the whole thing to them. I guess we'll talk to them and see what they say. There may also be an option to have them come to our house, which could be nice. I have no idea how long this will go on, he's quite behind in terms of gross motor, fine motor and verbal skills, so he may need therapy for a long time. Or he may just all of a sudden catch up. Only time will tell.


Bea said...

Get well soon!

I get the frustration about no diagnosis - makes it hard to predict how things will go (even though they've given their opinion on that... it always seems so much more solid when there's a name you can google). Wishing him a speedy catch-up.


Kelly said...

Stuff a cold, starve a fever. Get well soon!