Monday, January 26, 2009


Thanks to everyone for your kinds words about Daniel.

We're feeling good about the progress we're making. We have our first speech therapy appointment on wednesday morning, and our first home visit with the teacher on wednesday afternoon.

One of the first things we will be working on is helping him communicate his needs, and also helping him communicate with his sister in a better way. He has taken to biting her, which makes for lots of tears from everyone in the house. Granted, sometimes she's asking for it. In fact, the worst incidents she has really been asking for - trying to take away a toy or shove him out of the way. His only way of communicate his displeasure is to bite her. So we will be working on that.

He is also getting orthotics for his shoes, not sure if I mentioned that already. We and the PT noticed the problem very quickly a few weeks ago, once he started spending a lot of time standing. His feet and ankles are very weak, and he was starting to lean over and stand on the inside of his foot in a very awkward way. This could be very bad for the development of his knees and hips, and was quickly starting to deform his foot. So the orthotics will give him the needed support for his foot and ankle while he builds his muscle strength. Those have been ordered and will hopefully be in this week.

He also seems to have a few lightbulbs going on in the cognitive department, he seems to be understanding a few more words, and maybe even attempting a few signs.


Anonymous said...

I hope that the orthotics work for Danny!

cat said...

I am so relieved that he is doing better. Good luck to you all. We are also fighting the biting battle - it seems to be really worse with twins than singletons.

Bea said...

Sounds like great news so far!