Monday, January 26, 2009

they're just people!

My mother was here for a few days. The socializing is tiring, but it's wonderful to have her help. She takes good care of us.

But something I don't understand - why do some people talk to babies in such high pitched voices? The way she talks to them drives me crazy. They're people - just talk to them like people!


My Reality said...

I talk to babies like they are people and people think I am nuts!

Jaimie said...

People don't even realize they do it a lot of the time. Not only does my MIL use the tone, but suddenly it is okay to make up her own grammar rules. "yous just the cutest little baby, yes, yous is!" What is that? They are people and they learn from everything we do or SAY!

Bea said...

I think actually there is something about pitch and the way babies relate to it. Or maybe it's dogs, I can't remember. I can't handle the real gah-gah talk, though.