Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Of course I completely forgot to include in that last update a very big one: that Callie had eye surgery two weeks ago friday - to open up a clogged tear duct. Very minor surgery in the grand scheme of things, but still stressful for mommy. She came through it like a champ, and her follow up appointment today was perfect.

Awkward situation of the day (or year):

The nanny confronted me about an hour ago - asked me point blank if we were looking for a new nanny.

I was caught very off guard - I lied and told her no. I didn’t know what to do, it was very awkward and I just reacted with the quickest way to avoid the conversation - I don't know if I handled it appropriately or not. We were sitting with the kids having lunch, the housekeeper was in the next room - not really the right time for that kind of conversation.

She said she had just gotten a vibe, and cited a couple minor examples of my behavior that were a little out of the ordinary this week (the fact that we cancelled our date night tonight), and that she saw the nanny agency number come up on the caller ID. I had some of the nanny candidate papers out on my desk in my office - but they were turned over and she would have had to have been actively snooping in order to have seen them (she wouldn't have any reason to be in my office in the first place) - so I don't know if she did see some of that stuff, or if she really was just acting on a 'vibe'.

We're firing her tomorrow at the end of the day. So I have another day of awkwardness ahead of me.

I feel bad about letting someone go in this economy - but every day she gives me another reason to feel that it's the right decision. If she is concerned about her job, she certainly isn't acting like it - yesterday for example: sitting on my couch texting and reading a magazine while my kids are wandering around the living room obviously bored - she got strangely lazy all of a sudden. I considered saying something to her about it, but I figured we've already decided to fire her in two days, so what's the point.

Two nanny candidate interviews lined up for tonight and tomorrow night, and two more in my inbox that I need to call. Interesting side effect of this economy - lots of great nannys are looking for jobs, because they are getting laid off when their employers get laid off. So different from a year ago, when we were competing for the nannies - now the nannies are competing for us.


box of meds for the FET arrived today. The nanny asked me what was in the box. I replied "just stuff". I need to get home and get it open and get it in the fridge (lupron needs to be refrigerated, right?), but I wasn't about to open it in front of her. Appropriately, the fedex man also delivered a large box of wine from my favorite winery at the same time - meds and alcohol, a perfect pair!


I'm going to try to start using the twitter account again - whatifthis is the name on twitter - for the FET updates and occasional not-for-everyone rantings that I can't include on my 'public' twitter profile.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with getting rid of the nanny tomorrow.

Drink lots of that wine before the FET!

Anonymous said...

My husband is in the same situation regarding employees. The last ones were hired in a boom and they're practically bottom-of-the-barrel. He's now letting them go to hire much better qualified (and motivated) people. Firing is always awkward though. I wish you strength in dealing with your nanny.

cat said...

Good luck with the Nanny thing!

Bea said...

Definitely awkward. I hope it goes smoothly for all concerned.


Somewhat Ordinary said...

That is great Callie did so well with the surgery!

Sorry the nanny situation didn't work out better. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Check out We hired our current nanny from their site and love her. We couldn’t have found a better match for our family.

Hopeful Mother said...

I understand about the HOLY AWKWARD.

I also find it hard to just look someone in the eye and say "you are not doing a good job." even when it is the honest point blank truth.

I would have done the same as you in the heat of the moment.

We just fired our speech therapist, but not to her face either, and I'm so glad we did. The new one is EVERYTHING we were expecting the old one to be (but wasn't). My hope is that you have the same with a new nanny - clear and reasonable expectations that she can actually achieve!

Anonymous said...

So much going on!!! Sorry you have to go through all the crap with your nanny. And I think Lupron and wine are great together.

So glad Callie did well with her duct surgery.