Monday, March 30, 2009

not that I'm complaining or anything

Let’s review… In the last three weeks:

  • Danny has started walking
  • He has also grown about a foot and can now reach things on the table and counters – so I need to rearrange everything.
  • Callie’s vocabulary has doubled – and I think she has started saying “no”. great.
  • She laughs at me when I try to give her a time out.
  • Callie has started running
  • The kids both started preschool
  • Danny has started new PT and OT
  • My MIL was at my house on very short notice for 3 days. And she’s coming back today.
  • I have a mooching grown step-son ‘temporarily’ staying in my basement who has now been here almost 5 months (although I think he may have finally found a place of his own and hopefully is moving soon)
  • Jim’s ex wife managed to over extend and then default on a credit card that he didn’t even know his name was still on – so the credit card company has come after us for the money – screwing his credit and our plans to refi our mortgage
  • I have had poop on me once and on the floor once, pee on the floor 3 times, been barfed on twice, had snot wiped all over me (so nice to be out shopping and realize that there are dried boogers on your shoulder).
  • I have had an oil heater explode in my children’s room – thank GOD they weren’t in there at the time.
  • I am in a fight with my father – because he thinks I don’t may him enough individual and personal attention. ha!
  • I had the period from hell last week
  • My daughter has a cold
  • My son has constipation so bad it makes him sweat and shake and scream when he tries to go (because I skipped one day of the preventative laxative that his pediatrician has prescribed – so no mothers guilt happening there…)
  • I have been trying to pull together our tax info – much more complicated this year as I am now self employed and working from a home office
  • My allergies are starting up and my eyes have been itching like crazy
  • I’ve gained 5 pounds in the last two weeks – I’m sure from all the comfort food and drink I’ve been consuming
  • We are firing our nanny on Thursday – because she can not show up on time reliably if her life depended on it, and I can’t take it any more. (but of course she showed up on time today – I’m sure because she realized how furious I was when she showed up an hour late last week and hadn’t called).
  • So now in my spare time I have to interview for a new nanny
  • Danny is already outgrowing his car seat because he is so tall – so I researched and ordered two more. But somehow I accidently ordered 4 instead of 2 (not that I have a lot going on in my head or anything). So now I have purchased $1,000 in car seats, and have to try to return two of them.

…and I start Lupron in one month, because you know, my life is not crazy enough with just two kids, we need more!

I wonder why I’m so tired?

I typically pride myself on being a person who can handle whatever is thrown at me, and I never complain, but this all just feels like some kind of fucked up karma test to see just how much can be piled on before I crack. Wahahaha….


kelly w said...

when my little girl had a terrible problem with constipation (pretty much started at 6 mo when she started consuming something other than breastmilk), i couldn't convince an MD how horrible it was. i finally videotaped an "episode". when we were at the pedi, she started doing it, and he "helped" by pulling her cheeks apart and she pooped 12 inches of stool. no joke. we measured. the doctor was flabbergasted. when she was just turning three she was diagnosed with an anal fissure and underwent surgery (botox injection-funnily enough). we had to have her stool almost liquid for about 1 month after that, and then we slowly cut back on the miralax. i gradually discontinued it. she's been off the miralax now for about 8 months. no more problems. it was a LONG road. with lots of tears on her part and ours as parents. we have cut out all reasonable sugars, no juice most importantly. my kids drink sugar free crystal light. it was so ironic to me that most parents give their kids apple or prune juice to stimulate bm's but the gastro said that sugar in juice actually causes constipation. anyway...long story even longer. i am SO SO thankful to have that almost 4 year ordeal behind us. this is the same child that had torticollis and wears glasses because she is farsighted and has an astigmatism, AND patches her left eye! a handful for sure! but, we don't ever get any "common problems" ear infections, few colds, etc. huh?!? please email me if you have any questions re: constipation. we have been there done that with almost everything related!!! kellywoodard at juno dot com.

Beth said...

thank you for the update... been wondering how you all were! quite busy, it seems! hope things start to wind down soon for you!

Jaimie said...

Yikes! What is with the constipation?!? I don't know what to do with that one either. Jake stopped eating the prunes that did help him a lot. So now... I feel for you.

Great for the walking even though it brought a long its own problems. "No" drives me absolutely batty. We get it for just about everything.

Hang in there. I looks like things are going to have to look up because they can't get too much worse right? You are a strong woman and brave.

Anonymous said...

Wow have you had a brutal last few weeks! Yikes!

cat said...

Oh your week was worse than mine! And I thought mine was bad. Hang in there girl - and I am so ecstatic about Danny.As to the constipation, the only advice I can think of is regular (like every day) dried fruit like prunes, guava rolls, mango etc. Also raisins. It seems to keep us all regular. But we really have an abundance of that in SA.

Bea said...

Wow. Four car seats. Now that's what I call safety-conscious.


Hopeful Mother said...

Yep, when it rains, it pours, and floods, and then it snows, and sleets etc. etc. etc.

Hang in there. It HAS to get better from here.

Anonymous said...

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