Tuesday, May 26, 2009

just plugging along, very boring

Gosh I've turned into a terrible blogger.

It's a funny irony actually - when I was working full time, I actually more 'spare' time to do things like blogging - I had time sitting in my office in between stuff. But now that I am working from home and only part time, my spare time is spent with the kids. So it's harder to find time to update blogs.

Also this cycle has been pretty dull so far. Still on Lupron and estrogen patches, nothing really to comment on there.

I'm keeping a very positive attitude - not sure if that will backfire on me - but I have it in my head that this FET is going to work, I really haven't considered the alternative. I'm making plans around the assumption that I will be pregnant in a few weeks. I've been through this 6 times before, I ought to know better, but I guess my gut sense is just telling me that this is all going to work.

I decided to do the acupuncture, I decided that if the cycle didn't work and I hadn't done the acu, then I would forever wonder if the acu would have made it work. So rather than leave myself an opportunity to second guess, I am doing it. But I found a new place - I don't like them quite as much, it's not quite the same zen relaxed atmosphere, but it's just down the street from my house and on the way to the clinic, so it will work much better on transfer day.

On the schedule for this week: Thursday is my lining check. If all looks well, then I will start the PIO and we'll schedule the transfer for late next week. Otherwise we'll be scheduling a follow up lining check, and probably be increasing the estrogen. Friday I have acupuncture, and then friday afternoon my husband and I leave for our first weekend away from the twins - ever. Next week - June 5th (very likely also our transfer day) - is our 10 year wedding aniversary. So we're taking a little 'us' time to celebrate.


Heather said...

Happy Anniversary and good luck on your upcoming transfer.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to wish you tons of luck on your upcoming FET. Have been following your blog for quite some time, I am currently pregnant with DE after trying for a sib for our DS.

Good Luck

Megan said...

Good luck!

cat said...

Enjoy the time on your own and good luck girl.