Wednesday, May 13, 2009

not a lot

Not a lot to report here.

I'm off the OCPs - stopped that on friday. And I have had a light period.

The Lupron is going fine. I have had some headaches, but I also have been weaning myself off the extreme coffee habit I developed over the winter, so that is just as likely to be the cause of the headaches. I had gotten into a bad habit of sipping on coffee all day long - probably because I'm working at home it's easy to get it. So I've switched back to green tea, which still has some caffeine, but a lot less. It's better for my body, and I want the body to be ready for pregnancy.

I'm so much more aware of every detail in my body now, after being through this so many times. I'm pretty sure the Lupron has done its thing - I feel like my estrogen level is really low. Estrogen, in the right amounts, makes you feel good, it makes you feel normal. And without the estrogen I just feel off, it's hard to explain, but I just don't feel right. As strange as it sounds - I'm looking forward to those estrogen patches.

My supression check is tomorrow - if all checks out good then we reduce the Lupron dose and start the estrogen patches.

I'm debating about acupuncture. I did it in all of my previous cycles. And I did the before and after transfer acupuncture. I can't prove that it made any difference - 5 failed transfers with my eggs and one successful one with donor eggs - I'd say the success factor was the eggs, not the acupuncture. But it really is relaxing and really helps mellow me out and get very peaceful. But - it's a big fire drill too. They didn't offer it at my clinic (although I'll ask tomorrow if maybe now they do - maybe things have changed in 2 years), so I had to go to the acupuncture place an hour and a half before my transfer, have the treatment, then get back in the car and drive across town to the clinic, have the transfer, then back in the car across town to the acupuncture, then home. It turns a quick transfer day into a full morning. Which was fine when it was just us, but now that I have two kids at home that I probably am going to have a friend watching for me during the transfer, I'm just not sure it's worth the extra two hours to do the acupuncture. If they now have someone who does it at the clinic, then I'll definitely do it. But if not, I don't know.

I'll let y'all know how the supression check goes tomorrow.


cat said...

Good luck! And yes, the headaches are certainly caffeine withdrawel.

Sarah said...

two successful transfers here with no acu if that makes you feel any better, although i really struggled this time with "do i have to just so i don't wonder 'what if' if it doesn't work?" it's hard not to take the "just in case" approach but that sounds really stressful!

hope the check went well!