Thursday, May 07, 2009


I spent some time yesterday and today reading about Maddie. I of course had heard her story for the past several weeks, I had tried to visit their site when she first passed, but the server was down. and I finally got back there this week and read her story. I read about the real and raw pain that her mother is living with. My heart aches for her.

It made me so sad. I sat at my computer yesterday sobbing. I sobbed in the shower after.

This is what struck me the the most: '....I remembered that Maddie never called me Mama. She had other words for me (Da Doo was her favorite), but I couldn’t wait to hear her sweet voice say “mama”.'

Callie has just recently started calling me "mama". And it's the most beautiful sound. And now after reading this, I think about Maddie and her mother every time I hear it. It breaks my heart to think about never hearing that word from her.

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cat said...

I agree - it is so sad. Just this week outside our city a mom's car was hit by a driver doing an illegal U turn - all 4 her daughters (including a set of twins) died. It must be unspeakably painful.